Woodworking Workbench Plans
One that is Solid & Versatile!

Woodworking workbench - How do you build a good one?
Try an extremely flexible woodworking bench plans. If you enjoy weekend woodworking, you can make this bench in just a couple of days. In addition, it is easy to build, and is strong as a horse.

A woodworking workbench plan like this is modest in cost. You don't need fancy tools to make this workbench. Do you want a solid, but practical workbench? Then this woodworking bench plans is for you!

This workbench plan uses 2x4's, a solid-core door as the top, and a piece of 3/4" plywood for the shelf. Woodwoking workbenches need a quick-release vise (weighs nearly 40 pounds), and my mortise jig. The drawers have full extension slides. Each leg has leg-levelers to adjust for an uneven concrete floor.

My workbench is ten years old, as of 2009. It could use a new top.

Woodworking Workbench

Solid-core doors make excellent tops. Sometimes you can find them in home centers or builders' supply stores as damaged inventory. I found this one that is 1¾" thick x 32" wide x 80" long. Since they are cheap as damaged (slight imperfection), I bought an extra door to keep until needed.

I like to keep the keyhole cutout in the top. You can slide clamps into it to use for a variety of hold- downs.

This workbench has more storage than most woodworking workbenches. I use the drawers for small tools and supplies. The shelf below is for larger tools. In each drawer, there are several small cigar boxes with dividers. They are perfect for storing countersinks, T-nuts, threaded inserts, screws, measuring tools, etc.

Woodworking Workbenches

I used three coats of Minwax Polyurethane on the top. It sheds glue and stain, when you apply the finish coats to your projects. I am very pleased with this workbench, and so will you!

I purchased the workbench plans from Woodsmith Magazine. I made some modifications to suit me.

You can order the workbench woodworking plans Free on the Plans Page.

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