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Woodworking TV shows offer you some ideas, with a unique new project nearly every week that you watch. Is it any wonder that those of us who are addicted to sawdust want to watch these TV shows? We are looking for that next interesting project to keep us in the work shop - right?

Getting new ideas for woodworking projects is a matter of either dreaming them up, or finding interesting new patterns, taking ideas from others, or attending one of the many woodworking shows that take place nearly year round.

Woodworking magazines can give you lot more than just new ideas. They can keep you on top of advances in new technology. Those of us who work with wood are not just addicted to sawdust are we? We love the new toys that seem to come out on a daily basis. Even woodworking TV Shows give us a glimpse into what's new, and what's up and coming in our field.

Some of the most unique new tools on the market for woodworking can fit nicely right into your palm and still be a workhorse. Those are the things we're all looking for, and that most of us want for our own woodworking.

Here's my roundup of great sites and woodworking TV shows that are worth a second look. I've included links where I can, so that you can check out the sites and their offerings. Most of them give you videos, how to's, the chance to view older episodes, and some projects plans.

Some of the best ideas you're going to find for your next project come from the internet or television. Sometimes it is annoying that when you're ready for a new project, or to just sit down and watch something new take place, This Old HouseĀ™ is a rerun that week, and Norm's show was so old he looked like a teenager again. There are a few others out there that give you episodes to watch online, or links to other shows.

Some of the best TV shows going that have online sites are:

This Old House - Who doesn't know about this one?

WoodSmith Shop - One of the newest woodworking TV shows around. There are some great ideas and some interesting things that you can check that out.

The best of PBS offerings, Home Time, offers you not just the television show, but the site will let you see old episodes and also a ton of woodworking articles and how to tips.

Another PBS favorite of course is The New Yankee Workshop, giving you the projects, the plans and the chance to see it all come together.

Woodwright Shop - where, as they say, the blade is always humming.

Woodworking Online does feature some podcasts for when you're really bored, so we'll include those on the lists of online television that you can use for when the other shows are a bit past their prime.

There you have, some of the best of the online world for woodworking TV shows.

If you can't find something to make on one of these, I've got a few of Projects for you to check out.

Now don't forget to sweep up those wood chips!!

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