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A woodworking tradeshow is a great place to find new tools and new methods to make woodworking easier. Nearly anyone, who enjoys woodworking, loves going to woodworking trade shows just to get new ideas for woodworking projects.

Woodworking trade shows and the woodworking shows provide new ideas, new motivation, and different ways of doing something. Fall and winter are the best time to find a good woodworking tradeshow. Most of them offer those awesome new palm-sized tools for making your work a whole lot faster. There are exhibitors to show you how to do just about anything, even if you're new to woodworking.

Among the things that you can find at the woodworking shows is the wide assortment of new tools to make your life trouble-free. Normally, they have demonstrations of how to use the tools, and discussion about why to buy them. (As if you really need a reason to buy a new woodworking tool! ☺)

The Woodworking shows are taking place all over the United States, especially during the fall and winter months. Woodworkers begin to think of holiday gifts and new ways to fix up that old house and make it more winter-worthy. If you are beginning to get bored with what you’ve got on your bench, and are ready to find some new tools and some new plans, check out the woodworking shows below. It is just the ticket to alleviate that ho-hum attitude.

Tradeshows bring the cool new tools to where we live and offer demonstrations of them. Checking out what's new and hot, what's making inroads in the woodworking environment is the biggest reason we go to check those out.

The thing I like best about both woodworking trade shows and the woodworking shows is that there just aren’t any real secrets there. Some types of hobbies have closely guarded family secrets for doing a job that no one wants to share. For woodworking, the truth is that nobody really wants to keep anything a secret. For really great tips and meeting new friends, visit one of the woodworking shows.

The Woodworking Shows 2012

The Woodworking Shows includes most of the regional woodworking related shows that have a lot to offer. There are always new products to look at (or buy), many how-to seminars & displays, bargains on tools & supplies and much more.

Check out the websites listed for each show to find out more specific information, discount tickets, (free tickets are sometimes available if you contact the participating companies.), and any other info you need.

For the links to a woodworking tradeshow near you, click on the PDF File: 2012 the Woodworking Shows.

To continue to the Woodworking Clubs page, please click Woodworking Clubs.

Or if you prefer watching TV or the Internet, continue to the Woodworking TV Shows page .

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