Make your Woodworking Shop
Safe, Efficient, and Fun!

It is sound advice to use your Woodworking Shop in a safe manner. You want your Workshop efficient and fun. That sounds enticing. Is it practical? You bet it is!

Woodworking Shop Layout

Wood Shop Layout

What is the best way to design a workshop? You can perform more tasks in less time once you have an efficient shop layout. It is important to design a good floor plan and layout!

Woodworking Workbench

The Woodworking Workbench is the centerpiece of a good shop layout. You need one that is solid and has plenty of storage. Woodworking workbenches should be neat. You should have one that is useable, provides amble work surface, and is easy to keep clean. That is safety at its best!

Dust Collection

Woodworking Dust Collection

Dust Collection keeps your woodworking shop safe and clear of debris. You can move around your shop more easily. That saves you time, and it makes for a safe shop. What is the best way to setup your Dust Collection? In this section, you will find solid ideas to conserve your health!

Dust Hoods

Along with Dust Collection, you need Dust Hoods to hook up each machine. You can purchase relatively expensive dust hoods from catalogs and woodworking stores. Shop-made dust hoods frequently work better for some woodworking machinery. The dust hood for Bandsaws is notoriously inadequate. Any dust hood for a sander is hard to find or ultra expensive. My Dust Hood section will give you alternatives that won't cost you an "arm and a leg"!

Woodworking Safety
Protection for Eyes, Ears, & Lungs

Every woodworker should consider Protection and Safety. Wood dust is harmful to your health! Your eyes, ears, and lungs are equally important. As you know, it is hard to replace eyes and limbs. You will need your ears for a long time to come.

Nevertheless, woodworking without the proper protection is dangerous. What can you do for woodworking safety - to protect your eyes, ears, and lungs?

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