Woodworking Safety Requires
Eye, Ear, and Lung Protection - What Can You Do?

Woodworking Safety needs to be on every woodworker's mind. You should consider Eye, Ear, and Lung Protection. Without proper woodworking safety, woodworking is dangerous.

Woodworking Safety - Protect Your Eyes

Woodworking Safety

You need to protect your eyes. They are a valuable asset. When using your tablesaw, eye protection is important. Wood chips can easily fly back and lodge in your eye. On a kickback, protection can save your eyes and/or your cheekbones.

Hand-held routing can throw wood chips. When routing with my tenoner jig, I use goggles. That helps me see the work without getting wood chips in my eyes.

The picture shows eye protection that I use — a simple goggle. They are effective and fit over glasses. Vent holes prevent fog. You might want to try them – inexpensive.

Woodworking Safety - Ear Protection

Hearing protection is paramount! Power tools and shop machinery can all make a lot of noise. Over time, this type of constant noise can be damaging to your hearing. I see far too many woodworkers wearing hearing aids. You don't need to lose your hearing!Woodworking Safety

I have tried several types over the years. I started with ones you put in your ear canal. They were similar to the picture's center. A plastic string attached two together. These are hard to clean, and they are bothersome to wear. The next pair were connected with solid plastic. I gave both of these away.

Ear muffs are great for a shop environment where you want to take your protection on and off. They are easy to put on, very comfortable, and do a better job.

Woodworking Safety

I like the Bilsom and Peltor brands. Both are great. I use one for woodworking protection, and one when I mow my lawn with a loud sounding tractor.

If you want a good price to protect your precious hearing, see the Best Place to Buy Ear muffs Page.

Woodworking Safety - Lung Protection

Woodworking Safety

Dust Protection is vital to your health. Make sure you read Page1 of Woodworking Dust Collection.

Even though my cyclone dust collector is working admirably, I still use a dust mask when sanding. And you should too!

I like the two strap variety. It holds the mask snuggly to your face. You can see some fine dust collected on the outside of the mask. I do not see any on the inside. They work!

Other Safety Tips: Table Saw Safety


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