Woodworking Router
Using Safely, Confidently and Effectively

The Woodworking Router is the most precise cutting tool in your shop. If not, you can learn how.

Pat Warner, woodworking router expert, had a great influence on me. His original three books,

Getting the Very Best from Your Router
The Router Joinery Handbook
Fast, Easy & Accurate Router Jigs
combined to improve my skills dramatically. All of these books are out of print. I want to share with you several of these skills.

Would you like to improve your skills?

  • You can learn how to use a Router in a variety of ways.
  • A Router can substitute for several woodworking machines.
  • Router Jigs help you make precise joints.
  • Router Bits are far cheaper than Jointer blades.
  • You have to start somewhere. Learning to use the Router will make your skills come alive!

Woodworking Router Types

As you know, there are all types of routers on the market. Sometimes it is hard to know which one(s) you should use.

I have used several over the years. Does it make sense to purchase a router to do the intended work? Fixed-base routers for Router Table work, edge work, and pattern work. Plunge routers for inside work and multiple depth work.

I favor having two. One mounted in your Custom made Router Table and one for portable use. I use both quite frequently. They are very precise! You will like having a powerful router in your router table to make fancy profiles. This type does not bog down when using large cutters.

The router table has multiple uses, as explained on that page. You can take the router out of the router table, and use it for several jigs and patterns.

These are the ones I like the best:

    Dewalt 621- 2HP Plunge Router
    Woodworking Router
  • Electronic variable speed motor with soft start. Runs at 8,000-24,000 rpm with constant speed under load to ensure a quality finish.
  • The 621 has the best plunge action.
  • The best hand ergonomics of all routers. You can plunge, lock, start the motor, steer, and stop with your hands always on the control knobs. Safety Upfront!
  • You can easily hit target depth of cut. Rack and pinion depth adjuster, with micro-fine adjusting allows quick, accurate set-up.
  • Dust Collection is built-in. It works Great!
  • Easily change router bits. Spindle lock button allows one-wrench bit change.
  • Easy to change collet sizes.
  • Excellent use of edge guides.
  • Guide Bushing adapter plate accepts standard guide bushings for template work.

    Porter Cable 7518 – 3¼HP Fixed Base Router
    Woodworking Router
  • Speedmatic 5-Speed — motor maintains constant speed under load.
  • Soft start for smooth performance.
  • Very precise depth adjustment — Works great!
  • Aluminum motor housing prevents heat build-up.
  • Auto release collets.
  • Low vibration and clean cuts — Really nice!
  • Ideal for table mounting.

You can purchase both/either of these routers at, formerly Tool Crib of the North. However, you may find them cheaper elsewhere.

If you need help in finding a good price on a woodworking router, see the Best Place to Buy Page!

A Custom Made Router Table

You will really enjoy this router table. It is the third one I made. I sold the other two. This design is unique, making this router table the envy of your fellow woodworkers.
This page includes ideas on a good, solid Router Table Top.

An Excellent Shop Built Router Fence

You can spend a lot of money on a table fence that may not have quality components. I spent a lot of time developing this Router Table Fence to make sure it measures up to quality. The design is unique and gives excellent results.
Take a look at the short video clip.

A Different Type of Router Lift

You can spend hundreds of $$$ on a fancy router lift. On the other hand, you can make your own that is more versatile and under $25.

What Router Bits Should You Buy?

You can save a lot of money if you want quality and know where to shop! High-class router bits give you a better quality cut and save you money as well.

Want to make your own Custom Edge Guides?

You can with these plans! Save some money in the process.
These edge guides help you do a lot of things.

Router Jigs and Templates

Woodworking router templates are truly an amazing process. Clamping both template and your wood to your workbench is fast and easy. You will learn how to use templates to their maximum advantage.

How to Use a Router Table

You will find tips and techniques using the Router table to increase your skills.
The router table is excellent for edge-to-edge joinery. Some of the other uses are simple.
As you grasp the concepts, you will wonder why you didn't think of that before.

How to Joint with a Router Table

Using the Router Table for edge jointing is practical and safe.
Here are some tips and techniques to make it easy for you. Once you understand this, you will save some money!

Router Safety

These router safety tips & techniques should help you in using your woodworking router.
Using a router should be safe and fune!

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Unbounded ambition like yours can only lead to great success in Woodworking!
Pat Warner 6/1999

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