Woodworking Plans

Woodworking Plans for You No Matter What Your Skill!

I offer a wide variety of free and value-priced plans. These woodworking plans are clear, easy to understand, and detailed enough for any skill level.

If you want one of the free plans, which are in PDF format, all you have to do is let me know. You must provide the plan name you want and an email address to send the PDF file.

Of course, if you find my free plans useful, I welcome donations that you can make through the "Support This Site" link at the Top of the page.

My quality paid plans are a real value base on my extensive experience, attention to detail, and the effort I put into creating them. These woodworking plans include multiple drawings and a Bill of Materials you will need so you don't waste time or money.

Let me know if you have a specific request.

Free Woodworking Plans List
Woodworker's Workbench
Router Lift
Tablesaw Outfeed Table
Shop-made Lumber Storage
Bird Feeder

Reasonably Priced Woodworking Plans
High Quality Detailed Plans That Don't Wreck Your Budget.

These help support this website.

Note: For these plans, I email the files to your PayPal email address after your payment clears. In addition, I ship any documents or materials that come with individual plans to your provided physical address.

Custom Router Table Plans
Mortise & Tenon Jigs

Super Specials - Come Back to See the Current Super Specials!

Utility Cart - Super Special Plans Price & 40% Off
Custom Serving Tray - New & 78% Off

Woodworking Plans Economy Specials

Baby Crib 3-in-1 - Wow 34% Off
Porch Glider - 32½% Off
Vanity Plans - 20½% Off
Desk or Computer Desk - 21½% Off
Entertainment Center - New & 60% Off
Custom Bookcase - 17½% Off

Free Woodworking Plans

Woodworker's Workbench
This Workbench is solid as a rock and offers plenty of storage. It is easy to make in just a couple of days. It provides plenty of work surface and cleans up quickly.

Come check it out on the Woodworking Workbench page.

Plans - Workbench

For your FREE plan, Let Me Know!

Router Lift
You can spend hundreds of $$$ on a fancy router lift or you can make your own that is more versatile and under $25. Why should you spend a small fortune on a router-lift that limits your table-mounted router?

Woodworking Plans - Router Lift

For more info on this router lift, please visit the Router Lift page.

For your FREE plan, Let Me Know!

Tablesaw Outfeed Table
A tablesaw Outfeed Table helps you manage large boards while you're working with them, such as 4' x 8' sheets of plywood. This outfeed table features good storage for cut-offs and scraps below the top. If you are serious about using your tablesaw to its fullest, you will get a lot of use out of the outfeed table. It helps you with everything including assembly and finish work.

Another real nice part of woodworking plans.

Outfeed Table

For your FREE plan, Let Me Know!

Anyone can make their own stairway! Once you know the correct procedure, you'll wonder why you should pay anyone else ever again. This solid Oak stairway looks spectacular, even on the first try! You can make it yourself and take pride in it for years to come.

Stairway Plans

For your FREE plan, Let Me Know!

Custom Bird Feeder
This is a simple plan for a nice Bird Feeder, excellent for a beginner project. The top has a piano hinge in the back for easy refill of seed. You screw the front wood "bar" to the bottom, which makes it easy to take apart and clean the bird feeder. The landing bar screws to the sides for easy disassembly as well.
The 1/4" Plexiglas window slides in grooves for easy cleaning.

FYI: I purchased a bird feeder made from thin cedar. It lasted one-year outdoors. This bird feeder is made from solid oak with spar urethane finish and stainless steel screws. I expect it will give many more years of faithful service.

You will enjoy making this Bird Feeder for your home or as a nice gift. You can build it over any given weekend you have to spare. Another special woodworking plans.

BirdFeeder BirdFeeder

For your FREE plan, Let Me Know!

If you need information on types of bird food, what to use to attract different birds, go to this excellent website:
The Scoop on Wild Birds and Feeders for wild bird watching in your backyard and more.

Reasonably Priced Woodworking Plans

These help support this website.

Note: For the reasonably priced woodworking plans, I email the PDF file to your PayPal email address after your payment clears. In addition, I ship any materials that come with the individual plan to your provided physical address.
Any Pre-made templates with plans will ship by UPS or FedEx.

Router Table
This design is unique in that it quiets the router while maximizing dust collection and cleanliness. You can joint, use templates, and make tongue and grooves, while having everything readily available. The pictured table here is the third one I made. The design is so popular I sold the other two to fellow woodworkers.

Router Table plans

For more info on this router table, please visit the Router Table page.

The complete woodworking plans include a Bill of Materials, detailed drawings with pictures and description of each step. The plans, 20 pages long, are available for only $6.95. I email the plans to your confirmed PayPal address.
Click the button below. PayPal is free for You! It is not necessary to be a PayPal member.

Custom Router Table Fence - Now 33½% Discount Router Table plans

Would you like to build your own quality router table fence? With expert instructions, you can build a professional-style router table fence for under $50. You save money in the process!

Custom Router Table Fence - Build Your Own and Save!

Mortise & Tenon Jigs
The Mortise & Tenon Jigs give rock-solid joints that are precise every time. This joint technique arguably produces the strongest joints for woodworking.

Jigs Mortiser Jigs Tenoner

You will be so impressed with these two jigs, you won't know how you ever got along without them. They are both relatively simple to make, and they give great results every time. These remarkable woodworking jigs allow quick set-ups, efficient cuttings and precise results with few mistakes, even if you don't have much skill. Can you ask for more?

To watch videos of these jigs in action, go to Woodworking Jigs page for links.

These two jigs are superior to any commercial jigs, and they will last for the next 30-50 years. That is hard to beat. Just read the testimonials in the right column!

The complete woodworking plans for these unique jigs include Bill of Materials, detailed drawings with pictures and description of each step. This combo package is available for only $13.85. Once payment clears, I email the plans to you.
Click the button below. PayPal is free for You!

Baby Crib - Super Special 40% Discount!
This 3-in-1 Transitional Baby Crib is unique. Any baby crib is a labor of love, but this one will journey through life with your child. You make a baby crib, which turns into a toddler bed and finally becomes a full-sized bed when your little one isn't so little anymore.

Plans - Baby Crib

First of all a baby crib must be safe.

    Here are some safety guidelines:
  • Avoid corner posts or finials: Corner posts can be a strangulation hazard if they get caught on baby’s clothes. If your crib has these posts, I recommend sawing them off.
  • Make sure that each baby crib drop side is equipped with double acting release locks, hand or foot activated. (i.e. It takes two actions to release the side.) This is why I recommend the Rodless Crib Gate Hardware.
  • The airspace between two spindles (slats) on any crib side should not measure over 2 3/8" so that little arms, legs or heads do not get caught.
  • Make sure all slats or spindles are not loose, cracked or missing.
  • All machine screws must screw into threaded inserts or barrel nuts. If you strip an insert that is beneath the wood surface, you must replace it.
  • If your crib has a gate that slides on “candy cane” shaped rods, replace it immediately.
  • Do not place your crib near draperies or blinds. They are a potential strangulation hazard.
  • The crib mattress should have less than two fingers distance between the edge of the mattress and the crib sides.

This Baby Crib Plan Eliminates All of These Hazards!

I felt the original Baby Crib Plans needed improvement. As I labored through making a couple of the 3-in-1 cribs, I developed eight pages of modifications to promote safety. These eight (8) pages of modifications are included in the new plans.
In addition, I believe they help you simplify the crib making process. And they make the crib safer for your baby, which is vitally important!

One of the modifications is my original jig to make 52 crib spindles. This original spindle jig greatly simplifies the spindle creation process. You can view the Spindle Jig in action by clicking the link.
Another modification was to use mortise and tenon joints for the headboard main structure. The Mortise Jig and Tenon Jig make this a simple process. These jigs provide precision for your Baby Crib!

The New 3-in-1 Baby Crib plans include:

  • Bill of Materials
  • Step by Step Instructions including pictures.
  • Full-blown patterns for the headboard curves and youth bed.
  • A pattern of the Spindle Jig including How to Build It and How to Use It.
  • Pages on where to buy the hardware and spring mattress, plus some tips on the construction process.
  • I suggest that you order the Rodless Crib Gate Hardware. I use this on the cribs I made. The Rodless Gate works great and is safe.

The complete woodworking plans, include Bill of Materials, 17 pages of commentary on construction, and the patterns. The normal price for the entire package is $29.95.
The Super Special Price offers a Great 40% discount - only $17.99, plus shipping by First Class Mail within mainland USA.
Additional S&H applies outside of mainland USA. Please contact me for your country's cost.

I process all of payments through PayPal for your safety, privacy and convenience. Once payment clears, I send the plans to your confirmed PayPal address.

If you would like, I can make the actual templates for Headboard Top & Bottom, which includes Youth Bed template. In addition, your can order the spindle jig already made and ready to go.
If interested in the pre-made templates and/or the spindle jig, just click on the link Ask Jim

Jewelry Box & Poker Box Plans - Christmas Special 54% Discount
The design of this Jewelry Box Woodworking Plans is simple. Anyone, from beginner woodworker to old hand, can build this beautiful jewelry box. As a bonus, music box plans and poker box plans are included as variations on the unique design.

Jewelry Box Woodworking Plans

This jewelry box woodworking plans combine natural beauty and utility to make an exceptional project. You can find the complete description on the Jewelry Box & Poker Box Plans Page.

Unique Rocking Horse Plans - Christmas Special 61% Discount
The New Rocking Horse Plans present an exceptionally unique Rocking Horse. This is an update 1950's style Rocking horse, with safety features built in.

wood project plans

Building a child's toy is a lot of fun, especially for Christmas!. The rocking horse has been one of the most popular toys for many generations.

There is more information and a video of this updated version, on the Rocking Horse Page.

Custom Serving Tray Plans - Christmas Special 78% Discount
The New Custom Serving Tray Plans provide a very practical way to serve your favorite people.

Small Woodworking Projects

Wooden Serving Trays can be expensive when purchased from a home décor store. It is far less expensive and a lot more fun to make your own.

There is more information and a video of this great wooden tray at Serving Tray.

Vanity - Now 20½% Discount
Custom Vanity plans for the one you Love!

Vanity Plans

The design for this vanity is versatile. It is relatively narrow to take less floor space, but big on storage. The top is 22½" x 63½" 1¼" Solid Oak with a profile edge underneath. The lighted Mirror is folding, so you can see all sides of your head, and you control the lights on the mirror by a touchpad.
Great for actors, ballet dancers, or absolutely anyone who has to use makeup.

Vanity Mirror Plans

The upper drawers have velour lining for maximum luxury. One drawer is customized for jewelry, and the center drawer has compartments for make-up items and lipsticks. You can use the other for brushes and accessories.

Vanity Drawer Plans

There are three drawers below for each pedestal to allow plenty of storage on each side. All of the drawers use dovetail joinery, even with the rabbet to cover the drawer slides. You secure the top to the pedestals with threaded inserts, which makes it is easy to take apart for moving to another home.

My Vanity Plans use mortise and tenon joints for the main structure. You want the drawer dividers to be perfectly aligned with each other. This is easy to do with the Mortise Jig and Tenon Jig. They are better than any commercial jigs!

And best of all, you make it with your own hands!
Another Woodworking Plans Exclusive Offer!

I mail the complete vanity plans, including Bill of Materials, detail drawings, a paper pattern for the top sides of the mirror and appendix on Drawer Construction Alternatives. Everything is available for only $9.95, a 20½% Discount! - plus first class postage within mainland USA.
Additional S&H applies outside of mainland USA. Please contact me for your country's cost.

Click the button below. PayPal is free for You! It is not necessary to be a PayPal member.

Porch Glider - Special 32½% Discount
A Porch Glider Plan with an Exceptionally Smooth Glide! You can see it in action with my New Video, if you want to look.

Build one of these and make your porch the envy of the neighborhood! Notice the high backrest for support when relaxing.
A Woodworking Plans Exclusive Offer!

Porch Glider

Utility Cart/Garden Cart - Now 70% Discount
A Utility Cart can carry heavy loads and save your back!

This utility cart is more stable than a wheelbarrow. You can build this cart for a lot less than you can buy. And, it is sturdier than anything on the market today!

Garden Cart

Woodworking Desk or Computer Desk - Now 21½% Discount
A woodworking desk with style!

Desk Woodworking Plans

This woodworking plans computer desk is very versatile and enables you to make an heirloom desk for yourself or family no matter what your skill level. It's easy to modify to suit your needs, so create a quality piece that your family and friends will admire!

Go to Woodworking Desk for additional information on this plan.

Woodworking Plans Entertainment Center - New with 60% Discount
Entertainment Centers have changed significantly with the launch of Plasma TV and LCD TV's.

Woodworking Plans Entertainment Center

This entertainment center gives you the opportunity to organize your TV, DVD player, stereo and other video components. A pull-out drawer stores your preferred DVD's and extra videocassettes. Too many entertainment centers have particle board with a veneer.
But you want a solid hardwood entertainment center that you build with your own hands. This entertainment center is fully customizable.

It's easy to change to fit your desires, so create quality furniture that your family and friends will admire!
Go to Entertainment Center for further information.

Custom Bookcase - Now 17½% Discount
This design came from a customer, and exemplifies why I enjoy the community of my website. You will find photo album storage in the top right and an adjustable shelf for the top left sides of the bookcase. In addition, the lower section also comes with an adjustable shelf for maximum customization.

The lower section is 7 3/4" deep for normal books. The top section is 12 3/4" deep for Photo Albums and larger books. Solid oak construction makes this bookcase plan ultra nice, but it will work with other woods as well, depending on your needs.


The mounting bracket is just below the middle divider, which still provides room for books in the lower section. The three screws are spaced to align with wall studs for maximum stability and wall mounting. The customer wanted the bookcase off the floor to facilitate cleaning and easy access.

The buyer wanted the bookcase off the floor to facilitate easy cleaning and access.


You can turn this bookcase upside down for a more traditional bookcase, or you can increase the height for more storage.
All these features combine to create a set of extremely versatile woodworking plans.

The complete woodworking plans, including drawings and how to make the curve template, is available for only $4.95, a 17½% Discount! - plus first class postage within mainland USA.
Additional S&H applies outside of mainland USA. Please contact me for your country's cost.

Do You Have a Specific Request for a Woodworking Plan?
If so, Send Your Request to Me at the Link Below!

DIY and home improvement jobs are great to do. They can provide a sense of self-satisfaction and pleasure that you actually did it yourself. You can save money right from the start.

If you want to save money, try a Retired Builder's DIY and Home Improvement Help

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Unsolicited Testimonials

Hello Jim,
Just to let you know - the plans are here - there're even more details in them than I was hoping for - thanks a lot!

Mika Luukko - Nokia, Finland

To: Jim
Subject: Plans

Yes, I did receive the plans. Thanks for all your help - very good customer support - the best I have seen in a long time!
Shawn C.

Hi Jim,
I really appreciate your personal interest and caring input.
I actually understood your plans! That says a lot because most of the plans I download seem to have a vital piece of the puzzle missing.

Thank you.
Paul M.

Subject: Mortise Tenon Jigs Combo

Hi Jim,
Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you. I bought the tenon and mortising jig plans from you a few days ago. I was a little overwhelmed with a cradle I am building for a new baby coming in September. The plans for this cradle require 56 matching tenons and 56 mortises! That’s a lot of complicated cuts on narrow lumber.

It took four hours to build the jigs I did a test run on some pine and just stared at the results in awe. I made all of the tenon cuts in less than an hour and the mortising was finished in under two. Every one perfect and all the parts completely interchangeable.

Ray B. - Billings

Wanted to let you know I completed the mortise jig today. You are correct. It makes better and faster mortises than the Delta mortise machine. I will be returning the Delta next week.
The thing makes perfect mortises and the tenon jig does the same.
I am very satisfied with these plans and would highly recommend to others.

Marty B.

Hi Jim,
I received the plans for the Mortise and Tenon jigs and built both last week. They work great!
Thanks again for a great set of jigs!

Herman Persaud - San Diego

I received your plans last week, and I am finished building the jigs.
I'm glad I invested in the plans and the time to build them. I am very happy with the results.

Mike Sumwalt - Grass Valley, CA

Thanks Jim,
I got the all 3 attached files. They Look Terrific.

Best regards,
Charlie C. - Derby, NY

Subject: Baby Crib Plans & Patterns

Your Baby Crib Plans provide detailed and thought-out instructions, as well as other tips and suggestions.
It is clear that much thought and experience has gone into these plans with the utmost regard for the child's safety.

Thank you Jim!
Mark Petersen - La Mesa

Hi Jim,
I received the 3-in-1 Baby Crib templates, plans & Spindle Jig Pattern.
Wow - the Plans Look Great and Easy to Follow!

Thanks again for your help.
Dennis Bracci - Orchard Park

Update: Mon, Jul 26th

Hey Jim,
Got done making 54 spindles. Your jig worked great!!
I took your advice and used Whiteside bits. Cut oak like butter and no tear out.

Thanks again for your help!
Dennis Bracci - Orchard Park

Here's the finished crib. I've attached one picture before I applied the finish and one after. It's made of cherry.

Your spindle jig worked very well.
Thank you for your support throughout the process!

Attached are photos of the finished product.

Merry Christmas,
Dale Thompson - Berkeley Springs, WV

I completed the Crib project. I have attached a few pictures to show you the Baby Crib. It's made of maple.

It was a Great Project and your jigs worked great as well.
All in all I enjoyed the project

Thanks for the plans! I will definitely make the toddler bed and the full sized bed as my granddaughter grows.

Attached are photos of the completed Baby Crib.

Thanks for your help,
Steve Flack - Fort Myers, FL

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