Woodworking Jigs
Why Use Them? How Do You Make Them?

Woodworking Jigs assist woodworking equipment to reach their full potential. You can Bandsaw circles free hand. If you want two of them the same diameter, you'll need a jig.

The point is quality jigs help you become a quality woodworker. And your skills will increase as you make these woodworking jigs!

A good jig allows quick set-ups, and efficient cuttings. With a superior jig, few mistakes are possible and not much skill is required for good results. Can you ask for more?

Some jigs take time to make. A machinist square is necessary to insure proper alignment.
Once completed, you can use them repeatedly. This is an excellent reason to use first-rate materials and take time to align the pieces.

Many woodworking jigs have inherent problems.
I made this simple mortise jig years ago. Here is what I found:

Mortiser Portable
  1. You cannot lock this jig to your workpiece. If the wing nuts loosen slightly, the jig drops a little, and you lose consistent depth of cut.
  2. You must use a different router bit depending on the width of the mortise - more error potential.
  3. Any error allows mortises that are not perpendicular to the joint surface. This makes open joints and twisted assembly.
  4. It is limited to boards 3/4" in thickness. Do you make several jigs depending on your workpiece?
  5. You cannot cut a mortise on the face of the workpiece, such as a porch glider.
  6. You cannot precisely set the length of the mortise.
  7. You cannot duplicate multiple mortises.
  8. Why would you want to build an inferior jig?

Superior Woodworking Jigs

Mortise Jig

Mortise Jig
With this mortise jig, a plunge router with two edge guides will lock the tool on the work.

You can rout a mortise in less than a minute.

You can rout a mortise on multiple pieces in exactly the same place and depth.

This mortise jig will bring a smile to your face.

Tenoner Jigs

Tenon Jig
This Tenon Jig is easy to make.

Along with the Mortise Jig, you can instantly have a mortise and tenon joint that fits snugly and aligns correctly.

With this jig, the cutting results are excellent, the process fast, and guaranteed safety. All that you need is a little patience to make this jig.

I read an article by a well-known publication. It said, "Despite the best efforts of many imaginative woodworkers (which have created some real humdinger gizmos), we have yet to see a reasonably simple and affordable jig or method that enables the router to cut tenons as efficiently and accurately as the tablesaw or bandsaw."

I disagree! This gizmo (jig) leaves tenons made with a tablesaw or bandsaw in the dust! Don't take my word for it. Read the testimonials at the links below!

Unsolicited Testimonials:
A Fellow Woodworker gives his testimony after building and using the Mortise & Tenon Jigs. Read his story here!

Here is another woodworker, who actually built the Tenon jig and his results!

With the correct jigs, you too can make excellent joints quickly and easily.

You will need Adobe Reader (the latest version is recommended) installed on your computer in order to open and read the pdf files. You can get Adobe Reader here (a new window will open so you can download without leaving this page).

Baby Crib Spindle Jig

Baby Crib Spindle Jig
Are you a wood-turner?

If not, you can still make attractive spindles for your Baby Crib.

It is worthwhile to use this jig to make these "spindles".
They look real nice, and they are all the same. You will find more detail in the link above.

A fellow woodworker took this jig and made some nice looking spindles. See his picture and a report at the link above.

Inlay Jig
Inlay Jig Woodworking inlays are a great way to create a distinctive look.

Invest a little time and money learning to make inlays.
Your skills will increase, and your confidence will soar.

Dovetail Jig Review
Dovetail joints are strong and resist pulling apart. That is why they work extremely well for drawers. You can use them on cabinet doors, legs and rails.

Most woodworkers question which Dovetail Jig makes the most sense. This review will provide answers.

A woodworking jigs extra.

Router Plate Insert Jig
Did you know that you can make your own jig (template) for a router table insert plate? It is easy to do. You will have the template any time you want to change your top.

Search This Site is very pleased with the unsolicited testimonials from our customers.

Unsolicited Testimonials

Mortise Tenon Jigs Combo

Hi Jim,
I got the plans and made the Mortise & Tenon Jigs, I have used them many times in my projects.
They work great!

Attached are a couple of projects that I did using the jigs Click to See the Pictures
They work flawlessly!

Thanks again,
Terry Mason - St Thomas, Ontario

I received my mortising/tenon jig plans and I am most impressed. Like the jigs themselves, your plans are concise and simply stated. The photos are excellent.

Willy B. - Petaluma, CA

Hey Jim,
I finished the mortise jig today. I am now a believer. Perfect fit my first try, wow!

Thought about it and the advantage to this is the tenons are square vs something like the Leigh Format so I can chisel the mortise square for through tenons.

Thanks again,
Ev Netzband - Framingham, MA

Hi Jim,
I received the plans perfectly. They are very clear, simple explanations, and really easy to do.

Thank you very much!
Oscar D. - Montevideo, Uruguay

Wanted to let you know I completed the mortise jig today. You are correct. It makes better and faster mortises than the Delta mortise machine. I will be returning the Delta next week.
The thing makes perfect mortises and the tenon jig does the same. I am very satisfied with these plans and would highly recommend to others.

Marty B.

Hi Jim,
Plans are very good and pretty clear, much much better than others I have purchased off of the web. I am building a crib for my son and his wife out of Sapele and these jigs will make it much easier! … They (the other web plans) are not near as good as your plans for the 2 jigs.

Thanks Again,
Bob H.

I received your plans last week, and I am finished building the jigs.
I'm glad I invested in the plans and the time to build them. I am very happy with the results.

Mike Sumwalt - Grass Valley, CA

Hi Jim,
I've received the Mortise & Tenon Jig Plans, no problems downloading them.
They work wonderfully!

I just finished my first project and I'm really satisfied with the results.

Thank you very much!
Israel Ramirez - Houston, TX

I bought the Mortise and Tenon Jig Plans not to long ago.
I love them!

John H. - PA

Hi Jim,
Thanks a lot for the Mortise & Tenon Jig Plans and the decimal equivalent chart - Very Handy! The plans look very good. I'm excited to get them done.

By the way, I like your site a lot. Look for me to return!

Thanks again,
David L. Calof - Worked Wood Creations - Seattle, WA

Thanks Jim,
I got all 3 attached files. They Look Terrific.

Best regards,
Charlie C. - Derby, NY

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