Woodworking Ideas
Share Your Best Tips and Techniques

Woodworking ideas give you methods to solve some of your woodworking problems. I dedicate these pages to help you with your woodworking projects. You can make this a very special page, and I need your help!.

Every woodworker has great ideas. It could be when using a router, a table saw, a bandsaw, a drill press, hand tools, or when finishing a project.
To help fellow woodworkers, why not share some of your special ideas? It would be great for everyone to add at least one of their ideas and reveal it to help others

I've shared several of my ideas through this website. There are magic moments that other woodworkers have, and it is exciting to tell them to others. A really fun part of woodworking is giving back your expertise in a certain area to fellow woodworkers. These are "magic moments" that will give you a place in the "sun".

While I love sharing my ideas and "magic moments", I love hearing and seeing your magical moments as well. You can do that Here!

To start, here are a few links to some of my simple woodworking tips & techniques:
The Best Alternative Way for Edge Banding
Simple But Effective - How to Plug Mortises Temporarily for Finishing
Cheap & Versatile - Alternative Glue Bottles
How to Align a Drill Press Table
How to Install Threaded Inserts on Face
How to Install Threaded Inserts on Edge
Uses for Storage Case
Uses of Carpet Tape
Alternative - How to Build Solid Drawers Easily
Woodworking Terms - a Little Humor

So, I'm curious...

What Is Your Best Idea?

Every woodworker had an unforgettable inspiration, special thought or experienced marvelous creativity. We all have a magic moment. What's yours?

Have a Favorite Woodworking Idea?

Share your woodworking ideas or tips to help your fellow woodworker. They will love you for it!

Enter the Title of Your Woodworking Idea:

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