Woodworking Ideas
How to Edge Band Plywood!

Woodworking ideas simplify your home woodworking projects.
Would you like to learn an easy technique to Edge band your plywood projects?
Do you want a simple technique that won't cost you an arm and a leg?

Any time you use a piece of "wood" with laminations, exposed edges need finishing. Generally the most common answers are hardwood edging or veneer edge banding.
Some people think that hardwood edging takes more time than iron-on edge banding. I disagree.

Using the simple technique below, you can get an exact match with hardwood edging without a lot of work.

Most edge banding is 7/8" wide, and uses hot-melt glue.

    Here are the drawbacks:
  1. If your stock is 3/4" plywood, you must trim on top and bottom.
  2. If you have splice lines, any stain will show the splice.
  3. If you are too slow with the iron, you may burn the wood veneer.
  4. If you are too fast with the iron, the edge banding may not adhere to the laminations.

Iron-on edge banding is NOT as easy as you think.
A hardwood edge gives superior results without these drawbacks.

Home Woodworking Projects Made Easy
Learn an Alternative to Iron-on Edge Banding.

Woodworking Ideas

Notice in the picture that the original shelf on top is too thin to support any weigh. Would a thicker piece of plywood help? Certainly, it will support more weight.

You can spend a lot of time & money trying to Iron on Edge banding to your plywood. This technique will improve your simple woodworking projects. Why waste time trying to Iron-on edge banding if there is a better way?
Home woodworking projects should not be difficult. With this Woodworking Idea, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort.

First, Rout the Rabbets on Both Sides of Your New Plywood Shelves

You make a tongue in the plywood using a straight bit. Once you have the depth for the rabbet, you turn the plywood over and make the same rabbet on the other side.
Now you have a centered tongue. Simple woodworking projects like this make your life easier.

Woodworking Ideas

Second, Align the Slot Cutter

You align the bottom of the slot cutter to the bottom of the plywood tongue. Notice the slot cutter's depth of cut is smaller than the thickness of the tongue.
For this woodworking idea, you already made solid oak boards the same thickness as the plywood. You run the solid oak boards past the slot cutter. Then turn the oak board over, and run it past the slot cutter again.
Now you have a center groove in the oak piece that matches the tongue on the plywood.

Simple Woodworking Projects

Look at the Results

The new edge gives a finished appeal. Anyone can make an attractive edge that will not peal off.
This technique gives you an attractive and functional edging.
What more can you ask!

Home Woodworking Projects

Home woodworking projects like this are easy to do with minimal effort. You glue the oak edge to the oak-veneered plywood, and you have a perfect edge.
This technique is better than iron-on edge banding. And a router table makes this easy for you to build.

A Simple Woodworking Technique to Build Home Woodworking Projects

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