Woodworking Ideas
Uses of Two-Sided Carpet Tape

Woodworking Ideas - Two-sided carpet tape has countless uses. You will find many other uses as you gain experience. These are some of my favorites:

Woodworking Ideas - Woodworking Templates Use

Normally, I make a template or pattern out of 1/4" tempered-hardboard (Masonite) or 1/4" plywood. If I am cutting an interior pattern, I will use 3/4" plywood. I like to use a fixed-base router for template or pattern work. The 3/4" plywood provides a larger bearing surface for a shaft mounted bearing.
How do you keep the template from moving while routing?

You use two-sided carpet tape. You do not need to cover the entire template with carpet tape. You can use strips of tape near the ends and in the middle of your workpiece. That way, the template is easier to lift off the workpiece when done.

Before using the tape, place the template or pattern on top of your workpiece in the correct position. Trace around the pattern. Use a bandsaw or jigsaw to cut approx. 1/16" outside of the pattern.

Now attach the template/pattern with tape to your workpiece. Using a pattern router bit let the bearing ride on your woodworking template. Your router will cut the workpiece to final shape.

Wooding Ideas

If using 1/4' template material, pry up an edge. Stick a scrap piece of wood in between. And slowly raise up the template, while moving your scrap stick to the middle and end of the template.
You don't ruin your woodworking template or pattern this way. And you can use your template many times. Great woodworking ideas that keep your templates neat.

Woodworking Ideas - How to Install Hinges

You can use two-sided carpet tape on the flaps of the hinges. This keeps the hinges from moving. You can mark their location, drill screw holes, and position doors. If drilling screw holes, use a scratch awl to punch the hole and tape first.
Then remove the tape when finished.

Woodworking Ideas - How to Clamp Mitered Corners

For mitered corners or irregular corners, you can make triangular clamping blocks. Using tape, you stick clamp blocks to the outside edges of the corners. This makes a straight angle for clamping these difficult corners during glue-up. You can buy picture-frame clamps that you may use once or twice. However, why not use your regular clamps and save money?

Wooding Ideas

Woodworking Ideas - How to Align Drawer Fronts

To align false fronts on drawers, put the drawer box into its opening in the cabinet. Stick carpet tape to the back face of the drawer front. Then position the drawer front in the opening, making sure you have even space on all sides. Then press the drawer front against the box. Pull out the drawer and screw on the front. You can keep the tape on the front, if you wish.

Woodworking Ideas - How to Install Auxiliary Fences

You can attach an auxiliary fence to your table saw or router table fence with carpet tape. The tape holds the fence tight. There are no clamps to get in the way. For Jointing on your router table, you can attach Formica to the outfeed fence. You can remove the fences when not in use.


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