Woodworking Finishing Tools
to Give You Professional Results

These woodworking finishing tools help you create a professional finish. Is this what you want?

Woodworking Finishing Tools:

Woodworking Foam Brushes

Nitrile Throw-away Gloves

Tack Cloth

Woodworking Foam Brushes Produce a Smooth, Uniform Finish

These Finishing Foam brushes are top of the line. They are much better than any others I have tried. Jen Manufacturing makes their brushes in the USA.

They design their foam brushes to absorb, hold, and evenly spread water- and oil-based paints, stains, sealers, urethanes, and varnish. JEN Manufacturing, Inc. is located in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Woodworking Finishing

You can see the difference when you look at JEN poly-foam brushes alongside the imported brushes sold in the big box stores. These are the original Poly-Brush, the choice of professional woodworkers. These brushes have a higher density than most that makes them last longer. These brushes are excellent woodworking finishing tools.

For the best pricing on these Quality Foam Brushes, visit the Best Place to Buy Foam Brush Page.

From the Manufacturer
Poly-Brush® Foam Brushes feature a patented, highly absorbent foam with a beveled edge that is supported by an internal polyethylene stiffener. It is cut to precise specifications, secured to the handle, and fused together. Designed to absorb, hold, and apply an even coat, these foam brushes provide the proper stiffness and deflection required to produce a superior finish.

Jen makes their brushes with smooth wooden handles that are proportionately sized to each foam head and comfortable to hold. Poly-Brush® Foam Brushes come in 1", 2", 3", and 4" wide sizes and are tapered for greater edge control. They leave no brush marks, can be disposed of after use, and are better designed and much sturdier than imported "look-alike" foam brushes.

Brush Tip (Foam or Bristles)
When finished for the day, store the brush in a zip-log freezer bag. Then put in the freezer until next use. The freezer bag keeps the fumes inside the bag. This works on a Foam or Bristle Brush.

The next time you need it, take it out of the freezer. Within a couple of minutes, the brush is ready to use. I even store a brush that I used for stain to use with the polyurethane coat.

Throw-away Gloves – Ones That You Can Use Several Times!

I tried the Nitrile gloves from some discount catalogs. Frequently, they would rip when putting them on. I even have a bottle of Talcum Power that I put into the gloves to improve this, but they still tore.
After that experience, I purchased a box of Kimberly-Clark Safeskin Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves.

Woodworking Finishing

1. They are thicker than the discount catalog gloves.
2. They offer a better performance against a wider range of Chemicals than Vinyl or Latex.
3. Texture fingertips for better grip.
4. Natural Rubber Latex-Free.
5. And they come in Glove Sizes.

After I am finished with the finish job for that day, I take the gloves off and allow the inside of the gloves to dry. I can use the gloves many times before disposal. You will find these as great woodworking finishing tools!

I got a box of 80 gloves for less than I paid for the cheap kind. If you want a good price for quality Nitrile gloves, see the Best Place to Buy Nitrile Gloves Page.

Tack Cloth

A tack cloth is a sticky cloth to remove dust, dirt, and sanding residue. It does a great job. It gives you a super clean surface for finishing.These tack clothes are necessary for woodworking finishing tools.

Tufpro makes their tack cloths in the USA. They are the best that I have used. Their anti-static cloths give you a chance at a professional finish. Gerson makes a quality tack-cloth, as well.

If you want quality Tack Cloths, visit the Best Place to Buy Tack Cloth Page.

Tack Cloth Tip:
You can store a tack cloth in a zip-lock bag to maintain tack until the next use. If you take care of them, they will last for many months.

I hope to add more woodworking finishing tools in the future. If you have an idea, please let me know!


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