Woodworking Dust Collectors
Improvements & Conclusions

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Improvements to Make Quality Woodworking Dust Collectors

  • I purchased a Bandsaw. It is time to revamp the ductwork and the blower.

  • I was not getting the suction desired from the 1½ HP Motor/Blower.

    Woodworking Dust Collectors
  • Also, I had back draft in the exit filter for fine dust. I opted for two large filters to replace the small one in the Wood Magazine's Plan. That did the trick!

  • As stated on the first page, it was a simple process to rearrange the ductwork. Remove the aluminum tape and rivets. Put the ducts where they are needed. And reconnect. Can you do that with PVC?

  • Also, it was time, to upgrade the motor/blower to a 2HP with a 12" impeller blower. After careful investigation, I ended up buying a Shop Fox Portable Dust Collector for $150 on eBay.

I took the old motor/blower off of the cyclone. I removed the new Shop Fox Motor/Blower from the Portable Dust Collector. Then I put that unit on top of the Cyclone dust collector Perfect fit!

Next, I put the old Motor/blower on the Shop Fox Portable Dust Collector and sold it for $125.
So this upgrade only cost me $25. It pays to do a little thinking prior to charging ahead.

Import Motor Dies

  • The Shop Fox Motor started smoking after two years.
  • I took the motor off of the blower and hauled it to a small electric engine repair store. The capacitors had burned out in the import motor and fried other parts. The Cost of repair = $174, which included better parts.

Conclusions to Proper Dust Collection:

  • Quit wasting money. Build Cyclone Woodworking Dust Collectors upfront.
  • Buy adequate exit filters for the fine dust. That will boost your CFM and improve your health!
  • Don't skimp on the motor/blower unit. Get a 2HP Baldor motor (American Made) to power the 12" impeller upfront.

In short, you'll be in control … for a change!


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