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It Was Time to Investigate a Quality Woodworking Dust Collector!

Woodworking Dust Collector
  • First, I purchased a Jet Air Filtration System – Model AFS-1000. It hung high from the ceiling joists. This model has a remote to turn it on, control the speed, and even set the amount of time. You could leave it on 2 hours after quitting and go upstairs. It worked great for the fine dust, but did nothing for the larger chips and shavings.

  • As I said before, shocks are bothersome. Also, I was NOT getting all of the wood chips. Dragging the hose around to each machine was getting old as well.

  • Next step was to investigate alternative Woodworking Dust Collectors. From previous experience, a portable dust collector moving to different machines would get weary after awhile.

  • After much reading and searching the internet, I decided a Cyclone Woodworking Dust Collector is best. So I ordered the Wood Magazine's Cyclone Plan for a Dust Collector.

  • Following lengthy study, I decided that a blower on top of the cyclone is best. I took the Wood Magazine's plans to a friend, who fabricates metal. We decided on the dimensions, and he welded it together out of 16-gauge sheet metal.
    He even made a stand for it. That thing is a tank! Total cost = $0, what a friend!

    Woodworking Dust Collector

  • I ordered a blower with 1.5 hp motor from a catalog. It fit the hole in top of the cyclone perfectly.

  • I got the fiberboard drum from a local company's garbage. They get shipments in these drums. It would be perfect to sit below the cyclone.

  • Now to the ducting. Since I didn't want to get shocked with plastic pipe, metal ducting made sense. Also, metal ducting comes in the larger sizes that are needed (6" out of the cyclone reduced to 5" for the main runs). I looked at snap lock pipe, but decided against it. You have to seal the entire length of each section. Generally, it only comes in 2 foot or 5 foot sections.

  • Then I located a company on the Internet that manufacturers spiral pipe. What a find! Their pricing was cheaper than PVC that size and snap lock. You can buy 10-foot lengths in spiral pipe (6", 5", & 4"). In addition, they make all of the wyes and connections out of welded 20-gauge steel. Yet those were cheaper than anything I found through woodworking channels.

    Woodworking Dust Collector
  • Spiral pipe is easily cut to any length with a hacksaw. It is perfectly clean on the inside. It is rigid and self supporting for long lengths. Everything fits together like a glove. I used rivets at each connection because I did not want screws in the flow path. Also, if you ever want to rearrange your ducting, it would be easy.

  • From the same company, I purchased a large roll of aluminum tape with silicone. The aluminum tape seals each connection. It has worked flawlessly.

  • They have the best metal Blast Gates. I used their blast gates, and they are far better than any others I tried. They are easy to open/close and no clogging!

  • A friend works at a company that makes flexible pipe for woodworking stores. He gave me a piece of 6" flex pipe for the bottom of the Cyclone to the Dust Bin. And all the 4" flexible pipe that I need to connect each piece of equipment. Plus some 3" flex pipe to hook up sanders and portable routers. Their flexible pipe has reinforcing wire, which helps with grounding.

  • Total cost for complete setup: Motor/blower $175 + $150 for all the spiral pipe and fittings. A very reasonable price to clean your woodworking shop and rid your home of dust!

  • Now I only use the Jet Filtration System for finish work. That is the only time you really need it, when sanding.

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Part 3: Improving the Dust Collector and Conclusions:
This page discusses several improvements to make a Woodworking Dust Collector even better. More importantly, it presents the Conclusions on Quality Dust Collection.

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