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A Beautiful Furniture Plan

Woodworking Desk

When you want to create your own beautiful woodworking desk, plans are a must. A complete set of woodworking plans compute the amount of wood, time and supplies you'll need, saving you from the frustration of trying to do so on your own. The plans for my desk are efficient, versatile and easy to understand, not to mention you'll get an attractive desk you can take pride in for years.

This desk will come out relatively narrow to take less floor space, but the drawers are big on storage. The top of the desk shown here is 24" x 80" 1 1/4" Solid Oak. You can build this with the right plans, instructions and techniques, all of which I provide. Lose the cheap particleboard in favor of a luxury desk at a sane price.

This set of woodworking plans is easy to modify for any wish, budget or space constraint. Change the width and length, add a pencil drawer in the center, and use what materials you want to get the desk of your dreams. The file drawers are sized to hold letter or legal documents, while the smaller drawers at the top have expandable organizers and adjustable partitions that you can customize to meet your needs.

Woodworking Desk

On the drawers, the woodworking desk plans call for dovetail joints, which are excellent for high stress drawer joints. However, because dovetail joints can be intimidating to the novice woodworker, I've included an alternative modified mortise & tenon joint plan. Best results for this alternate joint require a router table.

Woodworking Desk

This woodworking desk plan secures the top to the pedestals with threaded inserts, which makes it easy to take apart for moving to another home or office. There are toe kicks so you don't stub your toes, but they're designed so you can vacuum underneath as well. The custom profile on the bottom edge of the top allows more hand room for the top drawers.

Best of all - you make it with your own hands.

These Plans Are So Versatile, You Can Also Use Them
as Computer Desk Plans

To make a custom computer desk with these plans, swap out the pencil drawer for a nice and tidy under- mount keyboard tray. If you leave the knee space wide, you can use a CPU Holder with this computer desk. A flat-panel monitor keeps the top of the computer desk relatively clean. To add some pizzazz to this computer desk, try a wall-mount Ergotron monitor arm. I'd be happy to help you find one at a good price.

Computer Desk Woodworking Plans

Computer Desk Woodworking Plans

Woodworking Plans Computer Desk

How to Buy:

The complete plan, including Bill of Materials, detail drawing, and appendix on Drawer Construction Alternatives, is available for a Super Special Price of only $6.95, a 22½% Discount.
I process all of payments through PayPal for your safety, privacy and convenience. Once payment clears, I email the plans to your confirmed PayPal address.

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