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Please click on any link to find special pricing in the various categories. This Woodworking Best Place to Buy helps you save money on your woodworking equipment, tools and supplies.

If you are new to woodworking auction, then read the Tips Page to realize the best way.

Woodworking Best-Place-to-Buy Categories

Woodworking Machinery Auctions
Hand Tools for Woodworking
Woodworking Auction Supplies
Special Promotions & eBay Daily Deals

Woodworking Machinery Auctions
The Best Place to Find Discount Woodworking Machinery.

Woodworking Machinery Auctions & Parts - JET, Powermatic, Performax, Wilton, and Oliver
Get the Best for Less!

Air Filtration - Jet, Delta, & JDS
Is it time to protect your health?

Dust Collectors - a Clean Shop Is a Safe Shop!

Bandsaws – Jet, Delta, Laguna, Powermatic
A Bandsaw is nice to have in your workshop. You can make your own custom thickness lumber as well as cut out curves and templates.

Drill Press – Delta, Hitachi, Jet, Powermatic
These power woodworking tools give accurate holes.
For Drill Bits, see Tools below.

Drills - Cordless, Electric, or Rotary Hammer
Your choice for the Best!
For Drill Bits, see Tools below.

Planer – Woodworking Thickness Planers
Save yourself some Money! Use a thickness planer to make custom thick wood. It's a lot cheaper than the Big Box Store's wood. That is like the Energizer Battery commercial – it just keeps on saving, saving, and saving!

Random Orbital Sanders - Makita, Porter Cable, & Metabo
Find discount woodworking machinery pricing on Top Quality Sanders! Do you want the Best for Less?

Woodworking Table Saws - two Woodworking Best Place To Buy Auctions
Think about the power you may need. If you are only doing craft work or 2x4's, then a contractor saw or site saw may be adequate. If you plan to create quality furniture with 6/4 hardwood, then a 3HP cabinet saw is better.

Cabinet Table Saw & Accessories
Delta Unisaw, Jet, Powermatic, Others
The Delta Unisaw with a Biesemeyer or Unifence is hard to beat! Top brand Table Saws at a Great Price!

Jobsite/Contractor Table Saws & Accessories
For those who want a smaller table saw with less power.

Routers – Porter Cable & Dewalt
Find discount woodworking machinery pricing on Top Quality Routers! Do you want the Best for Less?

Router Bits
Woodworking Router Bits There is a lengthy discussion on the Router Bits Page about which bits to buy. I have tried nearly all including the imports over the years. You cannot find better than Whiteside router bits.

I found a good website to purchase Whiteside Router Bits. They have excellent prices and Free Ship Program!
This is a Woodworking Best Place to Buy exclusive.

Router Table Fence
Build Your Own Quality Fence and Save!

You build this project with your own hand, and is far less than the cost of commercial fences.
The DVD gives complete Step by Step Instructions along with some easy methods to make this fence! A quality fence you will be proud to own.
A Woodworking Best Place to Buy exclusive!

Dovetail Jigs and Dovetail Machines
You should read the Dovetail Jig Review Page to gain a better understanding of Dovetail Jigs.

Woodworking Tools Auction
The Best Place to Find Near Wholesale Woodworking Tools.

Calipers & Micrometers
Do you want Quality?

Woodworking Tools Auction for Quality Chisels -
Marples, Sorby, Crown, & Lie-Nielsen!

Clamps - Bessey
Why not Buy the Best at a Good Price?

Clamps - Toggle
Every woodworker needs Jig Clamps!

Drill Bits
Quality Woodworking Drill Bits are a Must for a Serious Woodworker!

Hammers - Dead Blow & Mallets
Woodworking Hammers that save you time and trouble!

Rasp & Files
Quality Hand Tools for Woodworking - Nicholson made in USA!

Starret, Mitutoyo, and Brown & Sharpe - Buy quality!

Vises Bench
Get an extra set of very strong hands - Buy quality!

Woodworking Best Place to Buy Your Smaller Supplies.

Woodworking Supplies

Drawer Slides & Drawer Accessories

Ear Muffs – Bilsom & Peltor are the Best!
Dust Protection - Gerson Respirators are hard to beat!

You need Ear Muffs & Dust Masks to protect your precious hearing and lungs!

Foam Brushes, Nitrile Gloves, Tack Cloths

Quality Wood Glue
Get the Best for Less!

Woodworking Best Place to Buy Hand Sanders
Sandpaper Sand Devil

Sand Devil with Clever Lever

This ingenious sanding block turns a long lasting 3" x 21" sanding belt into the best hand sander you ever tried!

Gives 25 times the life of regular paper.

Sand as fast as a machine, but with better control.

Preppin’ Weapon

Sandpaper Prepnweapon

Its comfortable contoured shape fits the hand extremely well, and it has great heft. The superb design of its all stainless steel clip mechanism is one of the fastest and easiest to use.

Please let me know if you would like more categories.

Woodworking Best Place to Buy

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