Woodworking Auction for
Cabinet Table Saws
including Delta Unisaw, Jet, Powermatic & Others

This woodworking auction has most of the better brands. You will find Delta woodworking equipment, Jet woodworking equipment, and other woodworking table saws.

Why Woodworking Machinery Auctions?
Do you want consistent rip cuts? Do you want miter gauges that give dependable results? Do you want to make accurate miter or bevel cuts?

Use of these Woodworking Machinery and Tools
Think about the power you may need. If you plan to create quality furniture with 6/4 hardwood, consider a 3HP cabinet saw. Do you want your table saw stopping in mid-cut?

The table saw fence and quality of blade are important. A cheap fence creates more time, errors, and accidents. The same is true with a cheap blade. Why not go for quality and save yourself grief?

You should consider dust collection capabilities. If you health is important, then so is dust collection. How do these woodworking table saws handle dust collection?

Woodworking Safety
A woodworking Table saw is hazardous. Woodworking Table saws cause about 320,000 accidents per year. Good portions of those are serious accidents. It happens when least expected!

When using a table saw focus on your work! Review the page on Table Saw Safety

A tablesaw splitter is necessary! It helps prevent kickback. Get a Table saw with a good strong splitter or plan on buying a good splitter. A blade guard can keep your hands from hitting the blade. Think about the blade guard that you need.

Important Things to Look for in
Auctions of Woodworking Tools

Get a quality fence that is precise and repeatable. The Delta Unifence is hard to beat. The Unifence is precise, repeatable, and reliable. The Delta Unifence or Biesemeyer are excellent.

Get a quality table saw blade. A good blade saves time and money in the end.

Get a quality table saw splitter. A good splitter can save your life and/or the walls around your workshop.

Do not buy cheap power woodworking tools. Buy good woodworking machinery at a fair price.

This woodworking auction list the Delta Unisaw items first. The second section lists Jet woodworking Machinery and other brands. Scan through both sections for your best price.

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Other Table Saws & Accessories
More items are available by clicking on the "View all xxx items on eBay" at the bottom left.

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