Woodworking Auction
Different Types of Woodworking Squares

This woodworking auction is to help your precision. To do precise woodworking, you need a few good squares. Should you have quality squares in your workshop?

Drawing straight, accurate lines is a challenge when you rely on inferior woodworking tools. How do you test a piece of wood for square on end? How about the inside corner of your cabinet.
Quality hand tools for woodworking have advantages. Quality gives precision in your work, and they have higher resale value.

Starret, Mitutoyo, and Brown & Sharpe are the better names in hand tools for woodworking. These auctions of woodworking tools focus on handy squares for furniture and cabinet making.

Types of square a woodworker needs:

Machinist Square or Try SquareWoodworking Tools Auction

Do you need square corners or edges? Quality Machinist squares do this with a steel blade fixed into a metal handle. The sizes range from 3" to 12". I think a 3" and 6" is sufficient for a Machinist square in hand tools for woodworking.

Normally, Try Squares have a wooden handle and measurements on the blade. In either case, some have inch/metric scales on them, while others are blank. I like the blank ones for square testing. The smaller squares are great for confined spaces.

Woodworking Tools Auction Combination Square
This is a two-piece unit with a head that slides along a steel blade. It measures both 45° and 90°. This is an excellent first tool for anyone starting out. Make sure the blade is tight to the head. You might find a Starret with three heads - regular combination head, protractor head, and center finder head.

Sliding T-bevel
Although not a square, a sliding T-bevel helps you measure odd angles. You can transfer the angle to another piece or your cutting tool. In addition, it helps to align cross-dowels.

Older hand tools from Starret, Mitutoyo, Brown & Sharpe, and Crown have superior quality, if not abused. The first woodworking auction gives you a good prices on Quality Squares!
The second list has a mixture - quality or cheap.

Do not buy cheap hand tools for woodworking. Buy good woodworking tools at a fair price.

More items are available by clicking on the "View all xxx items on eBay" at the bottom left.

There is some quality in this auction, but most are of the cheap variety. You may find some Framing Squares in this group.

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