Woodworking Auction
Random Orbital Sanders

This woodworking auction has the best sanders for the price. These woodworking power tools save a lot of time finishing your projects.

A belt sander tends to gouge the wood. A palm sander vibrates a lot, and is not good for extended use. If you buy a Random Orbital Sander with variable speed, you have the best of both worlds. A ROS with variable speed gives you greater control over your finishing projects.

Woodworking Machinery Auctions Popular Woodworking named the Makita sander Tool of the Year for 1999. Makita's random orbital sander delivers power and control. It is light and easy-to-use. It will not gouge or leave swirls on your material, making it one of the best power woodworking tools.

The Makita sander is all ball-bearing construction. A 2-amp, 12,000-rpm motor reduces vibration for easier control and comfort over extended use. The two-handle design provides good control under continuous operation.

Dust-collection on this sander is just adequate. I hook mine up through the cyclone dust collector (see ROS Dust Hood - a Better Way.) Sanding pads are the hook-and-loop type and change quickly and easily.

I had a Dewalt random orbital sander that died after one year. I bought the Makita after the Dewalt demise. I've been using it for the last 6 years. There is no disappointment with the Makita random orbital sander.

This woodworking auction concentrates on the better quality sanders. Another quality ROS is the Metabo. Metabo has a good reputation for their sanders. They claim their 5" model is the best of 5" random orbital sanders. However, it does not have a two-handle design.

I doubt it is any better than the Makita. The Metabo has a slightly bigger motor at 2.2amps, but it does not have variable speed. Keep that in mind when buying a quality sander.

If you like the Makita, look for Model BO5021KX1 ($99.95 on Makita's website), which has better handles or Model BO5012K ($79.95). Both are 5" with variable speed. The X1 has more features with 15 abrasive disks.

This woodworking auction give you good prices on the Best sanders!
Do not buy cheap power woodworking tools. Buy good woodworking machinery at a fair price.

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