Woodworking Auction
Best Woodworking Router!

This woodworking auction gives you the best price for woodworking routers. There are two main classifications of routers - Fixed-Base and Plunge Routers.

Fixed-Base Routers

All fixed-base routers have similar frames, specifically a separate cylindrical base casting and a motor. But these routers have four different methods of raising and lowering the motors.

The best woodworking router has a zero point. If you cannot start at zero, how do you know the depth of cut? For more information on routers, please visit the Router Page

How do we compare these woodworking auction routers?

The First Two Systems Are Difficult to Find the Zero Point:

The Channel Ramp: The Bosch system uses a channel on the motor. The casting has a spring lock that engages three notches for rough setup. After time, dust disturbs the spring lock and channel. This device does not function well upside down, because of dust buildup.

Another is Ring-Hung Motor: Milwaukee, and some Sears & imports use this device. The motor barrel has an external ground spiral that engages a plastic ring. If you mount this device upside down, as in a router table, it is inactive. The ring-hung motor is difficult to find the zero point.

The Next Two Systems Have A Zero Point; Thus Easier To Use.

Groove & Guide Pins: Newer Dewalts use the groove & Guide pin system. You can zero this device, and it has ample vertical travel. You may need to adjust the locking lever occasionally.

Woodworking Machinery Auctions

The Pin and Helix Design: Porter Cable uses this system, which has four pins that engage a double spiral within the casting. The pins trap the motor. It will not drop from the casting when upside down. The system performs upside down and right side up. This design is my first choice for a router table. These Porter Cable routers use a calibrated ring for reference and each mark is 1/64". You can set the depth of cut to within .001".

Woodworking Auction

Motor Locks

A loose motor is the main cause of an unexpected change in depth of cut. The base casting must firmly lock the motor in its base casting to perform properly. The motor clamp hardware is critical to keep the motor tight. An Adjustable clamp is my first choice. However, this may void the warranty.

The Plunge Router

When you select a plunge router, consider one that requires only a moderate force to overcome the springs for depth control. You do most plunge router work in shallow and quick routings. You do NOT require much horsepower for this. You only need a light-duty router, 1 1/2 to 2 1/4 HP, for most plunge routings.
Cuts at a single-depth with large diameter bits are more efficient with a fixed-base router. They require a lot more power. The plunge router sacrifices control for the sake of its plunging action.
You should not mix the two. Use jigs to create control, especially with the plunge router.

Based on the above, you should look at Dewalt or Porter Cable for your best woodworking router. This woodworking auction includes an excellent package from Dewalt combining a fixed-base and a plunge base.

This woodworking auction gives you good prices on the Best woodworking routers!
Do not buy cheap power woodworking tools. Buy good woodworking machinery at a fair price.

More items are available by clicking on the "View all xxx items on eBay" at the bottom left.

Woodworking Auction - Dewalt Routers

Dewalt makes excellent woodworking routers. I like the plunge Dewalt DW 621, because it is easy to use, and it has dust collection built-in. In addition, Dewalt has a nice combo pack 618PK with fixed and plunge bases.
See the link above, woodworking router reviews for more information.

Woodworking Auction - Porter Cable Routers

I like the Porter Cable PC7518 powerful, fixed base router for a router table. Porter Cable makes a combo pack – 693PK or 694PK. The 693PK is underpowered. Both include a fixed base and plunge base in one package.

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