Woodworking Auction for
Woodworking Rasps & Files!

This woodworking auction is for quality woodworking rasps & files. Most woodworkers need a quality Rasp for fast cuts. Pattern maker or Cabinet Rasp is for fine work.

For a flat surface, you need a flat file. It must be flat to .001 or less over the entire length. A good woodworking rasp is square, not a trapezoid. A good round rasp is not elliptical. That is why you do not buy cheap discount files.

Big Box Store files will not hold sharp teeth. You should never buy a file made in the Far East. You can buy small files made in Europe, with the Swiss being first class.

The best maker of hand files in the U.S. is Nicholson. They are the best buy. Their line of American rasps & files are ISO 9001 certified. Nicholson makes a quality 4-in-1 rasp & file that stays sharp. It is versatile as well.

Good files are just a buck or two more than junk, so why buy junk?

You might think a file that works on steel works on something soft like plastic or aluminum. You would be wrong! Plastics will quickly dull standard steel files.

This woodworking tools auction focuses on quality woodworking rasps & files. You may find a nice pattern maker's set, as well. Look for Nicholson or Swiss Made.

This woodworking tools auction gives you good prices on first-class Woodworking Rasps & Files!
Do not buy cheap woodworking tools. Buy good hand tools for woodworking at a fair price.

More items are available by clicking on the "View all xxx items on eBay" at the bottom left.

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