Woodworking Auction for Wood Planers
including Jet, Delta, Dewalt, Makita, Powermatic, Woodmaster

Woodworking Machinery Auctions

This woodworking auction is for Thickness Planers. These power woodworking tools can save you a lot of money. Some are used woodworking power tools and some are new discount woodworking machinery.

Normally, woodworkers use the Thickness Planer for just that – thickness. You can even do thickness on edge, which I call width of board.

Why use these power woodworking tools?

A hand-held planer leaves uneven "streaks" on the wood. Thus, you have to sand when finished, which is very time consuming. A good thickness planer leaves the wood silky smooth and ready to finish. You do not need to sand. Good power woodworking tools save you a lot of time. It can make your old wood look better than new!

Have you priced lumber recently? If you have, then you can imagine how much money you can save!

Rough sawn oak is a lot cheaper than surfaced oak! You can normally get 1" thickness out of 4/4 oak. When you buy pre-finished wood at a Super store, a 1 x 6 is actually ¾" x 5½". The true cost is $7.50 per board foot versus $2.25/board ft for rough sawn oak.
It won't take you long to pay for a quality planer. In addition, your work will look a lot nicer!

A quality Thickness Planer adds versatility to your shop. You can even "joint" wide boards with these power woodworking tools. See Planer Tips to learn how to do this.

With a good router table and a good thickness planer, you do not need a woodworking jointer. You can edge joint on your router table, and face joint with your planer. This saves you a lot of time and money.

Delta Woodworking Equipment makes a nice planer, and so does Dewalt & Makita. If you buy a larger planer, like the Woodmaster, you can do your own custom molding.

DeWalt's 735 13-in. thickness planer is a recent Fine Woodworking Editor's Choice "Best Overall". This thickness planer features a three-knife cutterhead and a built-in chip extraction system.

This woodworking auction give you good prices on the Best thickness planers!
Do not buy cheap power woodworking tools. Buy good woodworking machinery at a fair price.

More items are available by clicking on the "View all xxx items on eBay" at the bottom left.

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