Woodworking Auction
Jobsite & Contractor Table Saws

This woodworking auction is a great woodworking resource for quality jobsite table saws and contractor table saw. This type of table saw is for the contractor, builder, garage workshop, or small area woodworking shop. This woodworking table saw is for people who need portability.

These table saws are not as powerful as a cabinet saw, but they are highly portable and offer good productivity. They are especially useful on a jobsite or temporary work area.
These smaller woodworking workhorses are good cutting plywood or ripping 2x4's.

Portable table saw reviews give the Bosch 4000-09 top marks as the best portable saw. Reviews praise the Bosch saw both for performance and for mobility. Its wheeled stand snaps open or folds flat in one quick motion. The soft-start 15-amp motor has electronic torque control to regulate the output to match the workload. Reviews also praise its safety features -- a convenient blade guard plus a true riving knife to prevent kickback, along with a precise fence, easy blade changes, convenient scales, onboard storage and dust control.

There are many saws with similar features. With any well-known brand name, you really can’t make a mistake. The Delta, Dewalt, Makita, and Wilton get high marks. Normally, the Hitachi is at the lower end price and grade of portable table saws.

All of these might differ in features and/or setup. Look to see if they include a portable stand, which is important if you don't want to spend extra money.

This woodworking auction list the major brands in quality portable table saws.
Do not buy cheap power woodworking tools. Buy good woodworking machinery at a fair price.

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