Woodworking Auction
Dead Blow Hammers & Mallets
Hand Tools for Woodworking

This woodworking auction is for great hand tools for woodworking - a quality dead blow hammer. You may find some hammers at near wholesale woodworking tools.

Nearly everyone uses a claw hammer, the most common type of hammer. They are good for all-purpose repairs around the home. You may want a Ball Peen Hammer for metal woodworking. You use the rounded head to peen rivets.

These auctions of woodworking tools focus on woodworking Mallets. There are several types of mallets, such as a wooden mallet, rawhide mallet, rubber mallet, and dead blow.

Most woodworkers need a rubber mallet for tapping the top back on the stain or poly can. It is much easier on the top than a metal hammer.
Woodworking Tools Auction

Frequently, you use a dead blow hammer or mallet for tapping pieces, either together or apart. A dead blow hammer's head is filled with a loose weight to prevent bounce. The manufacturer covers the head with a non-marring substance. Some have a uni-body PVC construction that lasts a lifetime. These enable the woodworker to make a powerful blow without risk of marring the surface.

Moreover, a quality dead blow hammer absorbs shock to lessen blow-rebound for more control and safety. It will not produce sparks around flammable liquids or gas.

In this woodworking tools auction, you may find a neon color that you like. I suggest a 6 oz up to 1 lb (head weight) is all that you need for tapping. I use my 12oz dead blow hammer the most.

This woodworking auction gives you a good prices on Quality Hammers!
Do not buy cheap hand tools for woodworking. Buy good woodworking tools at a fair price.

More items are available by clicking on the "View all xxx items on eBay" at the bottom left.

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