Woodworking Auction
Quality Ear Protection & Dust Mask!

This woodworking auction provides quality ear muffs and respirators. Hearing and lung protection are vital. Protect your hearing and save your lungs from wood dust!

Power tools and shop machinery make a lot of noise and dust. Over time, this form of constant noise damages your hearing. I see many woodworkers wearing hearing aids. Do you want a hearing aid?
Woodworkers should wear a hearing protector if the noise or sound level exceeds 85 decibels (OHSA guidelines).

For hearing protection, I used a few types over the years. The plastic ear plugs you put in your ear canal. A plastic string holds two together. These are unsanitary. They are inconvenient to wear. Similar earplugs connect with solid plastic. They did not provide good protection. Neither of these was worth keeping.

Ear muffs are great in a shop setting to protect your valuable hearing!

Woodworking Supplies

They are easy to put on, very comfy, and do a better job. I like the Bilsom and Peltor brands. Both are impressive. I use one for woodworking safety, and one for outside power equipment. Both of these do a better job of protecting your hearing.
Look for a noise reduction of 25db or greater

Any woodworker knows the damage that wood dust can cause to their health. So why not protect your health?

The second auction helps you find great buys on GersonĀ® Respirators. These woodworking dust masks offer ease and design flexibility that is tough to beat. In fact, these dust masks are NIOSH Approved. They have double straps for agility and a moldable nose area.
I've tried a couple of dust mask, and the Gerson Brand of respirator seems to offer the most benefit. The second auction on this page offers you good prices on the Gerson Respirator!

Both of these are a Must for All woodworkers!

Do not buy cheap general woodworking tools. Buy good general woodworking tools at a fair price.
More items are available by clicking on the "View all xxx items on eBay" at the bottom left of each auction.

Ear Muffs!

Dust Masks!

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