Woodworking Auction for
Woodworking Dust Collectors

This Woodworking Auction is for Woodworking Dust Collectors. These are necessary for your health - both physically and emotionally!

Wood dust is a major hazard. Many woodworkers know that wood dust is dangerous. Unfortunately, few realize that medical investigation shows there is no harmless amount of fine dust exposure. Please review Wood Dust & Health

Dust Collectors keep your shop safe and clear of waste. This helps you give attention to your work. Do you want to have an injury that keeps you from woodworking?

Our power woodworking tools and hand tools, especially planers, routers, tablesaws, miter saws, and sanders make wood dust.

Wood dust spreads swiftly to contaminate our air. That dust stays for months. Dust can travel with minor air movement. Wood dust gets on our clothes, hair, skin, and tools.

Is it time to protect your physical condition? A clean shop is a healthy shop. Woodworkers need quality woodworking dust collectors!
Remember, a clean shop is a safe shop!

For a decent size shop, you need, at least, a 2HP Dust Collectors. Woodworking Cyclone Dust Collectors are one of the best. It deposit the wood chips into a canister and filters fine dust.
The picture shows a woodworking cyclone dust collector setup.

Woodworking Machinery Auctions

This auction for woodworking dust collectors gives quality companies, including Jet woodworking equipment.
Do not buy cheap power woodworking tools. Buy good woodworking machinery at a fair price.

More items are available by clicking on the "View all xxx items on eBay" at the bottom left.

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