Woodworking Auction
Quality Bessey Clamps!

This woodworking auction is for quality woodworking clamps. You can never have enough woodworking clamps. This woodworking tools auction provides quality Bessey clamps for woodworking.

Bessey Clamps Woodworking

I've tried most types of woodworking clamps. The clamp with the red handle (made in Germany) did not last very long. They are hard to tighten. When you try to loosen, the red handle spins. It does not loosen the clamp. They are a waste of time and money.

Regular C-Clamps (on the left) do not have the reach that you frequently need. Also, they are slow to open and tighten. The Bessey Sliding Arm Clamp is far easier to use, and is a lot quicker. It gives you better pressure and reach than most bar clamps or C-Clamps. This is by far the best clamp for tight or small places. After I tried Bessey clamps woodworking, I quit using C-clamps.

Bessey Clamps WoodworkingOn larger Bessey clamps woodworking, I favor the Bessey K-Body. Nearly all of the other clamps I tried had major flaws. They did NOT keep anything square. Do NOT waste your money on the hype!

Bessey K-Body's have true parallel jaws. There exceptional design and superior manufacture provide a lifetime of perfect glue-ups for every woodworker.

The Bessey cabinet door kit is a huge favorite of woodworkers everywhere, and for good reason. The K-Body Bessey clamps for woodworking have rock-solid, non-marring, glue-resistant jaws. The Bessey K-Body spreads pressure evenly across a surface, which eliminates bowing and lifting.

The cabinet kit includes two 24" clamps, two 40" clamps, and one KP block set.. See the last auction for this Kit, and read the reviews while you are there.

This woodworking tools auction focuses on Bessey clamps woodworking.
Do not buy cheap woodworking tools. Buy good woodworking tools at a fair price.

This woodworking auction give you a good prices on the Best Woodworking Clamps!

More items are available by clicking on the "View all xxx items on eBay" at the bottom left.

Look for the cabinet kit below. It includes two 24" clamps, two 40" clamps, and one KP block set.

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