Woodwork Tips - Storage Case

Personalize an Aluminum Storage Case for Your Tools & Accessories

Woodworking Ideas

This woodwork tips - storage case is a very durable padded aluminum case. They are available for storing your hole saws and other tools.

I purchased this case on eBay for around $5. You can find them in your local Wal-Mart store during the summer. The cases are very solid and are easy to carry.

Do you want to store your tools easily?
You can store a variety of things with this case.

Normally, the cases has two layers of die-cut foam in the base and an egg-crate style foam insert in the lid. In addition, the inside walls have resilient rubber material. You can personalize the die-cut foam for most uses.

Woodworking Ideas

Woodwork Tips - Storage Case Extra:

In addition, you can purchase a sheet of dense foam. Some people use this as a sleeping pad for camping. You can purchase these at Wal-Mart, in their craft dept. You can find these pads in stores selling sporting goods or camping equipment.
This dense-foam at WalMart is around 5/8" thick and measures 24" wide by 60" long. It comes rolled and may not stay flat. You can keep it unrolled a few days to allow it to straighten out.

This case has 16 holes saws and two arbors. One arbor for the small holes saw, and a quick-change for the larger hole saws.

You can see the woodwork tips arraignment in the picture.
The space between each piece is about 1/2". That keeps them from clanging around. Also it keeps the dense foam from tearing.

Woodworking Ideas

Five layers of the camping pad foam are just right for the bottom. You cut five pieces of the foam to about 13½" by 13". Then glue two pieces of foam together. Using spray-on Contact Cement, makes a nice thin glue layer. Do this to the other two-pieces. Lay something heavy on each over-night. Then take the two glued-layers, and glue them together with the fifth piece.
In about 1/2 day, you will have your bottom layer ready.

When ready, try using a bread knife to cut the foam to the correct size. Use a gentle sawing action just like cutting soft, fresh-baked bread.

Woodworking Ideas

Woodwork Tips - Storage Case Holders:

Now you are ready to make profiles for storing your hole saws or other tools.
This is easier than you think. You can cleanly drill the dense foam using a wood working hole saw at high speed. Do not press the bit into the foam. Let it gently cut through the foam. Once in awhile, clean off the hole saw.

Do not attempt drilling foam with a twist or spade drill. It will wrap the foam onto the drill bit and could cause injury.

In this woodwork tips example, the holes saws made their own hole without the center drill. Then the holes are the exact size needed for each hole saw. Moreover, they make relatively clean circumferences.

The case is now complete. Doesn't it look good? It provides secure protection for all your tools and accessories. The dense foam insert works well in this application.


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