Woodwork Tips
Jig to Install Threaded Inserts

Woodwork Tips - Jig to Install Threaded Inserts Questions:

What is the best way to install threaded inserts?
How do you install threaded inserts at 90-degrees?
Do you want your screws going in square to the hole?
Does using a Drill Press to install threaded inserts make sense?

Using a Drill Press for threaded inserts assures a square install. You can use a cut-off machine screw in a drill press to install threaded inserts. However, it can be difficult to turn the chuck by hand, especially in hardwood.

Would you like to have an easy method?

Here is a Woodwork Tips - Threaded Insert Installation Tool.

You can use a large plastic T-Knob on the machine screw. The large plastic T-Knob gives you a better grip to apply more torque. You can use a nut just below the T-Knob to help drive the threaded insert into the hardwood. This makes it easy on your hands.

With this simple jig, the T-Knob & nut, you can use your fingers and thumb to turn the machine screw and spindle. This gives you more leverage to go into hardwood.

Woodworking Ideas

In addition, this technique works well for installing hanger bolts. Since you drill a pilot hole for threaded inserts, I suggest you do the same for hanger bolts.


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