Wood Project Plans
You Can Learn How to Build!

Quality wood project plans are a pleasure to make. When completed, you feel good about yourself as well.

The Gallery shows the finished piece and a brief description. I will add more projects as time permits. Sure hope you enjoy some of these woodworking projects. You can view the plan by clicking on the link in the text.

Make a Memorable Project!

Woodworking Vanity A beautiful wood project plans for your wife! She will love all of the features of the vanity plans. The top is solid oak. There are touch-control lights. Simply touch a pad to cycle through the light needed. The folding mirror allows her to see in front and back. You can make this with the correct woodworking jigs! See Vanity Plans.
Woodworking Vanity The Vanity Plans include a caned chair to go with the vanity. Wicker is a lot softer than wood. You do NOT need a cushion. You can use Velvet lined upper drawers; plenty of storage for jewelry as well as cosmetics. You can build this Vanity Plan into a heirloom piece with a little guidance. (See above.)
Baby Crib What a great idea for a Baby Crib! Woodworking crib plans for a Transitional Baby Crib. It converts into a Day Bed, then a twin bed, and back to a baby crib. You can order the plans from Rockler, and I will show you how to make some templates to insure a quality piece.
Baby Crib Woodworking crib plans is a Labor of Love! This baby crib woodworking looks great. In addition, a woodworking crib like this makes a nice heirloom piece! See Woodworking Crib Plans.
Baby Crib with Bella Woodworking Crib Plans with Bella in the gorgeous crib. My granddaughter enjoys her new crib. Her mother described it, "The crib is absolutely gorgeous and the color matches the rest of the furniture in her room perfectly."
Poker Box Plans Anyone would love to receive this woodworking jewelry box! You can use a music movement to make it more impressive.
If you prefer, you can build a Poker Box, as well. This is one versatile project that will bring admiring glances from the ones you love!
The plan to build this beautiful woodworking jewelry box or music box is simple to do in only a few weekends.
See Woodworking Jewelry Box.
wood project plans Updated 1950-Style Rocking Horse Plans provide fun for the woodworker and joy for their loved ones.

You will want to hand down this remarkable rocking horse from generation to generation.

Watch the video at
Rocking Horse Plans.

Woodworking Desk A computer desk with class! This is one of the great wood project plans for you or your favorite person. There is plenty of file space and drawers for accessories. You can easily add an adjustable keyboard tray. See Woodworking Desk.
Woodworking Stairway A stairway makes for interesting home woodworking projects. Once you know the techniques, you can make one easily. The plans for this stairway give you guidance. See Woodworking Stairway.
Stereo Cabinet This updated project fits the newer LCD TV's. You will like this customizable Entertainment Center over the store-bought kind. And you will be proud to show your friends.
See Woodworking Plans Entertainment Center.
Bookcase Woodworking Plan A memorable bookcase woodworking plan. This design is a customer request. The upper area is for Photo Albums on the right, and books on the left. The mounting plate below the center goes into wall studs. You could turn the bookcase upside down and make it longer for standard bookcase. See Bookcase Woodworking Plan.
Router Table Should this Router Table be in the projects & gallery? I think so. You can make another quality wood project plans. Once you have one, you won't know how you got along without. You can make your own quality fence with expert instructions, as well. See Router Table Plans and/or Fence Plans.

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