Custom Utility Cart
for All of Your Home Chores

A utility cart is practical around your home, especially to carry plants, fertilizer, firewood, compost/dirt, stones/rocks, hay or straw. This garden cart is designed from an older Agri-Fab garden cart, which is similar to the old Garden Way cart.

Garden Cart

The older cart gave out after a few years. The 1/2" plywood bottom used in the original garden cart is not strong enough to handle heavy work. The bottom of my cart split open when carrying rocks for landscaping. Not only that, the metal sub-structure began to rust after cleaning out the cart with water. Do you want a garden cart that falls apart?

A lot of the carts plans are too difficult. And some carts are needlessly heavy. I wanted simple plans for a practical cart. Do you?

This garden cart is more stable than a wheelbarrow with only one wheel. You can use it with one hand. You position the wheel axle to provide excellent balance. You can effortlessly lift or pull even very heavy loads. You cannot do that with a wheelbarrow.

This cart takes a weekend to construct, and will last a long time. The 3/4" plywood has aluminum edging to prevent splintering and to make the panels last longer. The sub-structure is made from Aluminum Angle. The axle is 3/4" aluminum rod to prevent rust and allow the bearing wheels to rotate smoothly. The handle and stand are made from 3/4" electrical conduit bent by a local electrical shop - free.

You use less than one sheet of plywood for this project, along with some 1/2" aluminum channel for edging, and 3/4" electrical conduit. All of this is readily available at your local Lowe's or Home Depot. And the plans include a best place to buy for everything else, including the pneumatic bike wheels.

When ready to finish you can use stain and spar urethane or you can paint the plywood for preservation.

Outdoor Furniture

You can build this cart for a lot less than you can buy. And, it is sturdier than anything on the market today! Current pricing on these carts range from $250 plus. Why spend that kind of that kind of money for a cheaply made cart?

Below is a short video clip on some of the features of this garden cart. I think you will enjoy watching the video:

You will get immense satisfaction in building your own garden cart. And it will last a lot longer than anything you can buy. In addition, you can build this garden cart to any size that you need. Plus it saves your back, helping you avoid a fortune in medical bills.

The Custom Utility Cart Plans Include:
  • Bill of Materials, parts list and commentary on building the custom cart
  • A Diagram for building the sides
  • Best place to buy the hardware.
  • Capable of Customizing Larger or Smaller.
  • One of the Great Outdoor Woodworking Projects

Special Price!

I want you to enjoy this Custom Garden Cart!
The normal price for the entire package with a DVD is $24.95. The Special Price for the Utility Cart Plans is a Big 40% discount - only $8.95

You can get your custom Utility Cart Plans without any DVD by clicking on the button below.
I send the plans by PFD File directly to you!
PayPal is free for You! It is not necessary to be a PayPal member.

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Unsolicited Testimonials

Hi Jim,
I received your Utility Cart Plans!
Your plans are, by far, the best designed garden/utility cart on the market!

Thanks for the great plans!

I will send you a finished photo when I am finished.
Thank you for your speedy service and easy to follow plans!

Bruce Conway. - Friday Harbor, WA

Thanks Jim,
I did receive everything. The Utility Cart Plans are nicely done and easy to understand. I do like this design because of the removable gate. The addition of the HDPE is a good idea for making it easy to pull out. That is so helpful for being able to dump dirt or compost.

These carts are versatile.
I spent some time at a camp on Catalina Island this past year. They used these cart for campers to haul their gear from the pier to the cabins.
They worked perfect even though it was pulling uphill and over uneven ground.

Steve Falk - Monticello, WI

Hey Jim,
I received the DVD and watched it!
I have watched it and am confident I can replicate the fence.
Your instructions were clear and very helpful. Your tip to put L brackets to support the fence was really the most helpful!

I will let you know if I have any questions.

Thanks for your professional business practices!
Jay DeLong - Auburn, WA

Hi Jim,
The Utility Cart Plans with DVD arrived in good condition. I am in the process of obtaining the materials.

Thank you for your speedy service and easy to follow plans!

Thank you very much!
Sandy K. - Fernandina Beach, FL

Hello Jim,
The Utility Cart Plans and DVD arrived last week. They are very good, and you make things look so easy!

I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks again,
Carol Andrews - Coonabarabran, Australia

Hi Jim,
I got the plans, and they look great!
I can't wait to get it built!

It will be a vast improvement over my wheel barrel for most yard work!

Thank you,
Gray Anthony - Garner, NC

Hi Jim,
The Utility Cart Plans with DVD arrived in good shape.

Thanks Again for Such a Quality Cart Plan!
I am eager to building it.

My Best to You,
Ken Daugherty - Camas, WA

Hi Jim,
I got the Utility Cart Pans.

The Plans and DVD look really good!
I am looking forward to building it.

Douglas Van Ness - Vancouver, WA

Hi Jim,
I just looked at the Utility Cart Plans & DVD. The Plans Look Great!

Thanks for all of your help,
Tom Sather - Sidney, MT

Hi Jim,
I received the Utility Cart Plans.

I am very impressed with the detail of the construction process!
I have ordered the wheels from Grizzly. And I have some of the HDPE that should work.

Thanks for a Great Set of Plans,
Dick Lowry - Meridian, NY

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