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This Used Woodworking Equipment Page is a place for you to buy or sell your equipment. If you no longer use some equipment or tools, you can list it here free.

Please list only good condition used equipment or tools. Another woodworker may be able to use some nice equipment at a discount price.

To list your used equipment or tools, provide a detailed description including price in the form below, upload a picture of the item, and indicate how to contact you.

If you want to buy, make a comment to the item of interest. Indicate to the seller how to contact you.
This is a fun way to buy some good equipment and tools at a reasonable price. Why not sell your item that you no longer use?

Can We Help Each Other? Sure - It Is Voluntary!

I will start things off by listing an item. Everyone can see how easy it is.

Dust Collector Filter - for Your Shop, Garage, or Basement!

You can purchase this Dust Collector Filter dirt cheap. This was made from Wood Magazine's Idea Shop 3 for a cyclone dust collector. It was used sparingly and has a diesel truck cartridge-type air filter exactly as described in the plans.

woodworking dust collectors

The Air Filter alone cost over $50, and is rated 99.9% efficient to minimize dust emission. It is encased in 10" diameter x 24" long spiral pipe that cost over $25. It has a 5" inlet port, which can be modified to any size that you need.

woodworking dust collectors

You can plug this filter into nearly any dust collector.
This Filter & Spiral Pipe includes everything in the picture plus two hanging straps. The package weighs nearly 20 pounds.
And the cost is only $10 + S&H by FedEx

If you want a very nice dust collection filter, please Contact Jim! and enter the words "Dust Collector Filter".

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