Tenon Jig

Want Fast, Easy, & Precise Tenons?

This Tenon Jig gives sharp, precise tenons, and guaranteed safety. I have yet to see tenons as pretty, as exact and as easy as the ones you will make with this jig. What more could you ask?

Making Tenons with a router is natural and easy. This jig supports the router and holds the work. You clamp your wood piece in a vise, or you can clamp the jig to your bench.

There are no setup hassles or adjustments. Very little skill is required for perfect results. You have no workpiece length limitations. This jig accepts a baby crib headboard for example — even on a stepladder!

Woodworking Jigs

With the work indexed to the jig, the router rabbets the end of the stock. It makes uniform crisp shoulders. Any tenon takes less than a minute to make and index. Once the depth is set, you can make multiple tenons that match exactly.

The depth of cut controls the tenon length. The router bit and its bearings control the shoulder width. Shoulder widths from 1/8" to 9/16" in 1/16" increments are possible.

You can purchase one from Pat Warner (Router Expert) for over $100.

Or You Can Make Your Own:

All you need is a couple of pieces of MDF or high-density plywood, a hardwood board and a DeStaCo toggle clamp.
This jig will amaze you with perfect tenons every time.

To make your own, go to Plans Page - Tenon Jig.
The plans include large diagrams, material list, and cutting guide.

This jig is precise and safe!
To see this Tenon Jig in action, click on the movie tab. It takes less than 10 seconds to rout a four-faced tenon.

If You Would Like Me to Make You One, Let Me Know.

Tenon Jig

How to Use:
Tenon Jig

  1. Clamp your workpiece vertically in a vise.
  2. Clamp the jig on your workpiece.
  3. Place your Router with wide platform on top of Jig. I use my fixed-base router with router table insert plate for this. It works great!
  4. Make sure that the rabbet bit's bearing produces the size of shoulder on the tenon.
  5. Set the depth of cut.
  6. Rout the perimeter of the wood piece.
  7. Check for length of tenon. Adjust router depth of cut to final.

Can't Get Any Easier!

Router Bit & Bearings:

A rabbet bit comes with one bearing. You can purchase several bearings to give you more versatility in size of rabbets (shoulders). The bearing kit gives you a rabbet from 1/8" up to 1/2".

If you need help in finding a fair price, go to the Best Place to Buy Page!

Tenon Jig

Which First — Tenon or Mortise?
With the tenon jig, you make the shoulder of the tenon with a rabbet bit. The rabbet bit's different size bearings give you the size of the shoulder. They are in 1/16" increments.

I think it best to make the tenon first. It is easy to set-up the Mortise Jig to make any size mortise that you need. Therefore, you will have a snug fit when you know the tenon's size. You can make the mortise to accept it.

Once you use the system, you will understand how quick and easy it is. Make the tenons. Setup the mortise jig and make multiple mortises exactly the same size and depth.


Keep one side flat for indexing on the Tenon Jig's Fence.
Example: I kept one side of the curvy Crib Headboard flat. Cut the tenons. Then use a template to rout the final curve on the Crib Headboard.
Tenon Jig

Use sharp router bits. If you need a good place to purchase, please visit my Best Price for Router Bits Page.

Once setup, you can route multiple tenons exactly the same!
Climb cut a little at final depth of cut for crisp edges.
You can turn the tenon jig on its side to make precise Lap Joints.

Unsolicited Testimonials

Hi Jim,
Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you. I bought the tenon and mortising jig plans from you a few days ago. I was a little overwhelmed with a cradle I am building for a new baby coming in September. The plans for this cradle require 56 matching tenons and 56 mortises! That’s a lot of complicated cuts on narrow lumber.

It took four hours to build the jigs I did a test run on some pine and just stared at the results in awe. I made all of the tenon cuts in less than an hour and the mortising was finished in under two. Every one perfect and all the parts completely interchangeable.

Ray B. - Billings

I'm delighted right now. Just finished the tenon jig assembly and gave it a test drive.

It's difficult to put into words the immense gratitude I have to you for this simple, elegant and accurate-beyond-every-expectation jig. This is truly the most useful and inexpensive tool I ever had.
It is a genuine jig as opposed to a Rockler (deWalt, etc.) "Heavy-Duty" Tenon" jig" that I bought at nearly the same time. What a complete failure that was. To call it a "Jig" could only have come from the marketing department, since it is only really a cheek cutter if that. It requires many passes, more room for errors, and a completely different tool and setup to make the side shoulders. I couldn't get them true on all four sides for hours.

For your Jig, I made perfect tenons in under a minute.

I'm revived to know that the mortise & tenon joints will be a snap to do, and put to shame everything else I have tried.

This Jig should get some kind of award.

Thank you very, very much.
Gary Rocco - Carnegie, PA

I must say when I completed a perfect tenon in less than 10-15 seconds, I just stood there amazed and a smile from ear to ear.

I had been playing around with the table saw and router table to make tenons but the Tenon Jig leaves those for dead!

Thanks Jim
Well done
Cheers, Mark Davis

It's by far the best jig I have seen to make tenons. Simply the best!
I used mine many times now, and it works great!

Just wanted to let you know I'm very pleased with the tenon jig.
Clean, precise tenons with minimum set up!
Karl P.

Hi Jim,
I just finished your tenon jig today and it worked incredibly well! Rock solid construction and so easy to use!
I had my doubts but I am very impressed.

Thank you so much!
John S. - Amherst, NH

Thanks Jim,
I completed the tenon jig last night and just had to stay up to give it a test run... Works great!
I used the tenon jig for over 120 tenon joints for a crib I am building. It is turning out really well.

Thanks again!
Matt Bosch - Holland, MI

Hello Jim,
I got the Mortise & Tenon Jig Plans and have them on my system.
They look like just what I need to get up to speed on my project!

The plans are more than I expected - Great Work!

Thanks a Lot,
Bob McDowell - McLean, TX

Hi Jim,
I got and opened the plans OK, no problems.

They are straightforward and easy to follow!

Thank you for making my life a lot easier,
Lev Lipkov - Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia

Hi Jim,
The plans downloaded fine and the tenon jig went together great.
It works like a charm.

Thank you very much!
Bill Schlabach - Silver City, NM

Hi Jim,
Yes, I did receive the Mortise & Tenon Jig Plans.
They Look Awesome and Easy to Follow!

Thank you Jim,
Brett Townsend - League City, TX

Hi Jim,
I had a chance to review the Tenon Jig and found no questions.
The Tenon Jig Plans Are Quite Self Explanatory!

Thank you Jim,
Arnold Williams - Gresham, OR

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