Table Saw Tips
A Scary Experience & More Information

Table Saw Tips gives you my experiences in using the Table Saw.

I started out with a Delta Contractor Saw. It was okay. It lacked a precise fence, dust collection capabilities, and was underpowered. I tried enclosing the underside with a plan from a magazine.

The smaller table saw was not precise. As my skills improved, I began using 6/4 oak. In a rip cut, the blade came to a stop in mid-cut. Whoa - I had to fumble trying to turn off the saw, while maintaining control of the long board. That was scary. Some may find it humorous. It alerted me to the hazards of a underpowered table saw - do I need a better saw?

The moral of the story: Get a cabinet saw that has power. It is prudent to look at 3HP or above. The enclosed cabinet is adaptable for excellent dust collection. This is important for a serious woodworker, who want to build classy furniture.

Table saw tips recommends: Get a quality fence that is precise and repeatable.
The Delta Unifence is hard to beat. The Unifence is precise, repeatable, and reliable.

There are other quality fences on the market, such as Biesemeyer's commercial fence, JET Xacta Fence - nice for the money, Vega - may not be quite as precise, Accusquare is decent, Exaktor with a lot of plastic, and Incra - pricey.

Table Saw Tips

The Delta Unisaw has outstanding capabilities as well. It is predictable and powerful. Consider an extension table, which helps in handling large boards. The extension gives you more capacity. You will enjoy an outfeed table with your table saw for longer boards and sheet goods. You can find a quality one at Table Saw Outfeed Table

Table Saw Fence

If you need to upgrade your tablesaw, see Table Saw in the Best Place to Buy page.

Table saw tips recommends: While you are at it, get a good Table Saw Blade. The best on the market is the Forrest Woodworker II. I picked up a 40-tooth, thin-kerf (3/32") Forrest Woodworker II Blade at a woodworking show.
You can find them on the internet at a good price.

Once you have a Forrest Blade, you will never look back. It gives a smooth as sanded surface when ripping or on a crosscut. My current Forrest Blade is ten years old, and only resharpened once.

Do you want a good price? Use the Contact Me link.


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