Small Woodworking Projects
Custom Serving Trays

Small woodworking projects, such as Serving Trays, are very practical around your home. Wooden Serving Trays can be costly when purchased from a home d├ęcor store. It is far less expensive and a lot more fun to make your own.
See this page for store pricing on a solid walnut tray - Wow $100

Here is a picture of one small "woodworking how to" project in my style, which offers simplicity and ease of building.

Small Woodworking Projects

You can use these attractive solid wood trays for many things from serving coffee or breakfast in bed to offering wine and hors d'oeuvres at a party. Also, it is convenient for serving meals to your loved ones while they are recuperating in bed. Its solid construction and hardwood provide strength to endure for generations.

Custom Serving Trays like this feature essential handles that make the tray easy to carry. The high sides keep dishes and glassware in position during transportation.

This versatile tray is made from walnut. However, you can make it from any solid hardwood. Serving trays are essential equipment for trouble-free entertaining.

For walnut, I suggest amber shellac as a finish coat. This adds durability as well as good looks. It easily wipes clean with a cloth. With other hardwoods, you can stain to nearly any color and use lacquer or polyurethane for your finish coat.

Below is a short video clip on some of the features of this "woodworking how to" project. I think you will enjoy watching the video:

You will get immense satisfaction in building your own small woodworking projects. You can build your tray to any size that you need. Plus you gain satisfaction as you build it with your own hands.

    Small Woodworking Projects, a Custom Serving Tray Plan (19" x 12" x 3") Includes:
  • Bill of Materials, parts list and commentary on building this serving tray
  • A Diagram for the handles
  • If needed, I can send you a DVD of each and every step
  • Capable of Customizing Larger or Smaller.

Super Special Price - Just for You!

I want you to enjoy this Custom Serving Tray!
The normal price for the entire package with a DVD is $24.95. Super Special Price offers a Great 78% discount - only $5.50. I email the plans to your confirmed PayPal address.

You can get your custom serving trays plan by clicking on the button below.
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