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Woodworking Best Place to Buy - Save Your Hard Earned $

Auction Tips to help you gain confidence.
Woodworking Machinery Auctions
Air Filtration - Safeguard your health!
Bandsaws - Jet, Delta, Laguna, Powermatic
Drill Press - Delta, Hitachi, Jet, Powermatic
Drills - Cordless, Electric, Rotary Hammer
Planers - Woodworking Thickness Planers Top Brands
Random Orbital Sanders - Makita, Porter Cable, Metabo
Cabinet Tablesaw & Acc – Delta Unisaw, Jet, Powermatic
Jobsite/Contractor Table Saws & Accessories
Routers – Porter Cable & Dewalt
Router Table Fence
Router Bits
Dovetail jigs

Woodworking Tools Auction
Calipers & Micrometers - Starret, Mitutoyo, Brown & Sharpe
Chisels - Marples, Sorby, Crown, Sheffield
Clamps - Bessey & wood
Drill Bits - HSS, Titanium, & Carbide
Hammers - Dead Blow Mallets & Rubber
Rasps & Files - USA Best Nicholson
Squares - Starret, Top Name Brands

Drawer Slides, Cabinet Knobs/Pulls, Hinges
Ear Muffs – Bilsom & Peltor
Foam Brushes, Nitrile Gloves, Tack Cloths
Sandpaper & Hand Tools

Special Promotions from various woodworking stores.

Woodworking Jigs
Why Use Them? How Do You Make Them?

Mortise Jig - Add Precision to Your Work!
Tenon Jig – Make Precise, Sharp, and Exact Tenons!
Baby Crib Spindles - Give a Professional Look!
Woodworking Inlays - Are Easier than You Think.
Dovetail Jig review

Woodworking Plans
Some Free & Others Reasonably Priced!

Woodworker's Workbench
Router Lift
Tablesaw Outfeed Table
Bird Feeder

Custom Router Table
Mortise & Tenon Jigs
Baby Crib 3-in-1
Custom Router Table Fence Any woodworker can build a professional fence for under $50!
Jewelry Box / Poker Box Plans Any woodworker can build this beautiful Jewelry Box!
Unique Rocking Horse Plans You can build a family heirloom Rocking Horse that brings joy to your loved ones!
Vanity A great piece of furniture for your love!
Porch Glider Plan A superior glide for a relaxing day!
Utility Cart Every home needs a great Utility Cart!
Desk or Computer Desk Plans Fun Plans to Build a Desk or Computer Desk!
Entertainment Center – New! A great way to enjoy your videos!
Custom Bookcase

Woodworking Routers
The Most Precise Tool in Your Shop!

A Custom Router Table Adds Precision to Your Work!
Custom Router Table Fence Build Your Own & Save Money!
A Custom Made Router Lift for Under $25!
Router Bits - What to Look for and Who is Best?
Router Templates Make Woodworking Skills Come Alive!
How to Use a Router Table - Tips and Setup.
Sliding Dovetail Joint - Make Using a Router Table!
How to Joint on a Router Table. you don't need a jointer.
Router Safety My Tips on Using a Router.
Router Edge Guides - Build your own and Save Money!

Woodworking Patterns and Templates
Easy to Make & Great to Use!

Miter Gauge Fence Enhancement for Exact Cuts!
Tablesaw Push Stick or Push Shoe - Which is Better?
Make Your Own Featherboard and Save Money!
Router Table Insert Plate - Make Your Own Template!
Baby Crib Templates – a Proven Method to Success!
          Baby Crib Spindles Tips & Techniques
Threaded Inserts – a Template on Edge!
Custom Tablesaw Blade Guard – Dust Collection Proven!
Porch Glider Templates & Plan - New!

Woodworking Machinery & Equip
How to Save Money!

Miter Gauge Fence Enhancement for Exact Cuts!
Tablesaw Push Stick or Push Shoe - Which is Better?
Tablesaw Tips – the Do's and Don'ts!
Woodworking Router – the Most Precise Tool in Your Shop!
Wood Thickness Planer Tips - How to Set-up and Use.
How to Resaw with Your Bandsaw.
Random Orbital Sander - What are the Benefits?
Circular Saw Cutting Guide.
Woodworking Drill Press - How to Select

Table Saw Safety
A Must Read for any Woodworker!

A Woodworking Shop
Should Be Efficient and Safe.

Woodworking Shop Layout for Efficiency!
Woodworking Workbench! - Versatile & Solid!
Why is Woodworking Dust Collection Important?
    The Finest Woodworking Dust Collector!
    Improving the Woodworking Dust Collector and Conclusions.

Dust Hoods — Make your own!
Eye, Ear and Hearing Protection - What Can You Do for Safety?

Woodworking Supplies
How to Save Money on Woodworking Supplies!

Lumber Dimensions & Definitions - Is one-inch really 1"?
Shop-made Lumber Storage & Plywood Rack Plan!
Sandpaper Tips Page!
Wood Glue Tips Page!
Best Place to Buy Supplies
Branding Iron – which one is right for you? (bottom of page)

Woodworking Hand Tools
What You Need in Your Shop!

Veritas Sharpening System – You need to have this one!
Woodworking Clamps – Which ones are best?
Sandpaper Tips Page – How to Save Money!
The Second Page to Hand Tools.

Woodworking Finishing
Want a Simple Process for Professional Results?

Orbital Sander Review
Sandpaper Tips!
Uses of a Tack Cloth!
Stains & Finish Coat Tips!
Quality Throw Away Gloves!
Get Quality Foam Brushes for a Professional Finish!
Woodworking Finishing Tips – Your Guide to Save Money!

Woodworking Joints
Which Joints Should You Use?

Mortise & Tenon
Tongue & Groove

My Wood Project Plans
My Gallery of Projects

Woodworking Ideas
Your chance to share your great woodworking ideas!

Woodworking Terms
Woodworking is fun!

Woodworking Truth
There are Ten Irrefutable Woodworking Truth(s)

Beginner's Guide
A 4-Page Guide to help Beginners in Woodworkingodworking!

Beginner's Guide - Part 2 - Tools & Safety!
Beginner's Guide - Part 3 - Lumber, Supplies, Jigs & Finishing!
Beginner's Guide - Part 4 - Essential Tools!

Woodworking Tradeshow
A 2-Page Guide to Woodworking Tradeshows & Woodworking Clubs Near You + TV shows!

Woodworking Clubs for Clubs near you.
Woodworking TV Shows for TV Shows & Internet Videos to help you.

Your Projects
from Woodworkers All Over the World.

Buy - Sell Woodworking Equipment
Buy or Sell your used woodworking equipment or tools. List it here!

Proven Blog
Keeps You Updated with the latest Woodworking News and Specials.

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How I Built This Site.

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