Simple Woodworking Projects
from Woodworkers All Over the World!

These simple woodworking projects come from Readers of Proven Woodworking. This page is dedicated to showcase the efforts of fellow woodworkers. You will find some really nice woodworking projects for the DIY woodworker. Some are small woodworking projects, and you can build a lot of these projects with simple tools. What more can you ask?

Now, you can submit your own Project, Improvement or Tip in the Form at the bottom of the Page. This is Fun for everyone.
And you can see links to all of the submitted projects throughout this page. Let's have a great time!

For any of the projects, you may contact me, and request information. Put name of the project and Author's name in the "Questions/Comments block". I will forward your message to the author, and he/she will contact you directly from there. Each Author determines his/her own price for the idea.

I want to maintain the privacy of these woodworkers. Remember, they have time constraints. Their response should be within 3-5 days.

Simple Woodworking Projects for the DIY Woodworker!

These Home Woodworking Projects Will Amaze You!

Home Woodworking Projects

Warren de Swardt from South Africa contributed a variety of great projects. These home woodworking projects are made with simple tools, but you won't believe it. See these great projects from a true craftsman at Home Woodworking Projects.

A Real Treat from Arizona - A Baby Cradle!

Woodworking Projects

This is a nice looking baby cradle. Look at the detail! Moreover, Skip's lovely wife Meg is smiling brightly. Would you like to make a baby cradle that makes your spouse smile like that?
You can! "How to Build a Baby Cradle" by Skip H.

A Surprise from Arizona - Guitars

Woodworking Projects

These nice looking "guitars" are hand-crafted by Skip H. Pretty nice work, don't you think? The guitar is made from a Martin D28 specs. The top is spruce, and sides and back are Indian rosewood.
Interested? "How to Build a Guitar" by Skip H.

Looking for a Router Raizer? See Ron Betz's Router Raizer

A fellow woodworker submitted his version of a true Router Raizer.

Submit your favorite Project and Help Your Fellow Woodworker!

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Woodworking Designs - Sign Making Not rated yet
I thought it would be an interesting sign to hang at the driveway entrance to my cabin in the mountains.

This was my first attempt at freehand carving …

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