Router Templates
Make Woodworking Skills Come Alive!

Router templates are a great system for shaping wood. A template is the "roadmap" to get the router to follow a pathway. You can design a template for a no-risk cut.

Templates work well on inside or outside shapes. You can use them for full thickness cuts or line cuts. With a little practice, you can make nearly anything that you want with a template.

Router templates are truly a remarkable process. Clamping both template and your wood is easy and fast. You can quickly translate layout line, judge overhang, and size up the appearance.

These are various templates I use with a router or router-made. A detail description of each template is in my Patterns & Template section. Just click in the description section to go to the detail page.

Let's look at some template examples.

Baby Crib Template The crib Top Rail has curves. The Bottom Rail must match the curves exactly, so that the crib spindles will fit. Why not have templates to make those curves?
Baby Crib Template Clamp the template and the piece of wood. If careful, you can cut the Top and Bottom Rails at the same time for an exact match. It looks excellent when completed. For more info, see Baby Crib Templates.
Baby Crib Spindles You use templates to make the Crib "Spindles". The pictures show the initial template, and a jig to make both sides of the "spindles". You need extra precaution when routing oak on edge. See Crib Spindle Tips for detailed information.
Baby Crib Spindle Even if you are not a woodturner, you can build crib spindles. The baby crib "spindles" look very nice when completed. If you have the right templates / jigs, you can make exciting pieces!
Baby Crib Templates You can use a router template to make the end piece to a Youth Bed.
Clamp the template and the piece of wood. Once setup, you can rout in less than a minute. Looks great when finished. See Baby Crib Templates. in the Patterns & Templates Section for more detail.
Woodworking Jig It is difficult to center a hole on the edge of a board. This piece is 3/4" in thickness. Since the hole is 1 1/2" deep, it must be on the centerline. You can make a Jig to do this. See Threaded Inserts in the Patterns & Templates Section.
Tablesaw Blade Guard You can make a Custom Blade Guard for you tablesaw. This template molds the Lexan sidepieces for the custom blade guard. Once you make this template, you can make custom blade guards for your fellow woodworkers.
Porch Glider This is an initial template of the porch glider leg. You can make one also!
The original plans called for a shorter backrest. You want a taller backrest to support you when relaxing. We need to adjust the angle. For more information, see Porch Glider in the Patterns & Template Section.

How to Make a Template:

You can make a template for anything you want. I will discuss in detail from start to finish an actual case study, including some mistakes along the way. It might entertain you as well.

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