Custom Router Table Plans
Adds Precision to Your Work.

Router Table Plans quiets a router, helps control wood dust, and adds a little extra safety to routing. It provides a stable platform to do complicated shaping, as well as precise edging.

A quality table can handle 80% of all routing. It makes good practical sense to have a solid table.

You can purchase one through various vendors/catalogs. You will learn more about woodworking if you make your own. Making your own will evolve over time.

Alternatively, you can make this unique custom table, improving its features as you go along.

    Features of this Custom Router Table Plans:
  • Router bit storage for 41 various size router bits.
  • The Router Raizer makes it easy to adjust the Router.
  • The on/off switch is easily accessible.
  • Two drawers for wrenches and accessories.
  • Lower doors shelf has amble storage for the portable router and accessories.
  • The Lexan "window" drops down for easy access to the PC 7518.
  • Has casters to move easily.
  • Hardly any dust gets into the cabinet.

What More Could You Ask?

Router Table Plans

A complete Bill of Materials and drawings for this Custom Table are in my Plans Section.

RT Fence

    Table Fence - What to look for in a router fence:
  • Straightness
  • Square to the table top
  • Zero-deflection
  • Support for your work
  • Repeatability
  • Quick and easy clamp to the table top
  • Easy adjustment to the router bit
  • Dust collection

Hartville Tool has a decent fence at a fair price.
Alternatively, you can build your own fence. With expert instructions, you can build a professional-style router table fence for under $50. Why not save some money?
RT Fence – Build Your Own and Save!

Router Table Top

The Top should be flat and stable to do quality work. I prefer a high-pressure laminate top on both sides. It seems better to me than melamine or other types. It makes sense to have a clean top – no miter channel. Those things weaken the top and just collect sawdust. You rarely need them. I know from experience.

It is not hard to make one. Or you can find quality tops at a fair price without all the bells and whistles. Try to find one around 24" wide x 32" long. If you put the router plate towards the back, it will provide more work room for wider boards.

I made a new table top for this router table. Pictured below is the top with oak edging. It has all of the features mentioned above. This top is 1 1/8" thick x 24" wide x 32" long.
I put the oak edging on mine with tongue and groove joinery. After my experience, I would recommend T-Molding.

Router Table Top

Router Plate & Inserts

There are many router plates available. The snap-out rings for many are not easy. I broke a couple of snap-out rings when trying to take them out. From a user-friendly standpoint, they are difficult. Some of these insert plates tend to sag over time. If that happens, you will not have an accurate cut.

You may skimp on this item, but I think you will be sorry in the end. It seems prudent to get a 3/8" solid aluminum one with inserts that are easy to change. They remain flat, and are easy to exchange the inserts.

It is best to have an insert that accepts PC guide bushings. A couple of different size inserts are good for larger router bits. Woodpecker makes a top quality one. Once in awhile you can find them on sale.

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Unsolicited Testimonials

Router Table Plans

Hi Jim,
I received the flawless plans. They are very easy to do, with clear and straightforward explanations.

Oscar D. - Montevideo, Uruguay

Thanks James,
I got the RT Fence DVD today and watched it. It looks good and even I can understand it!

So far I have your tenon jig plan, mortise jig plan, router table plan, router fence, router lift, and outfeed table plans.
They all have one common thread running through them - reliable cost effect solutions to the wood shop needs.
They work. They are inexpensive to build and with your straight forward instructions (plans) easy to build

Thanks James,
Mike. Chaney - Rogers, AR

[An Improvement to the Router Table Plans.]

Hi Jim,
Thank you for the additional information on the router table. The extra drawing did help in my visualization process. I also appreciate the site for the drawer slides. I will order 4 sets of them and use the extra one by putting a pull out shelf in the bottom of the router table thus making it easier to get to things that I might store down there, such as extra routers and edge guides.

I think that that would be a beneficial addition/improvement to your already excellent router table plans.
Most folks have pull out shelves under their kitchen sinks, and it is something that I will add to my table while I am constructing it.

Have a super day, my friend, and thank you once again.
Sam F.

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