A Quality Router Table Fence
Easy to Build & Fun to Use!

The Router Table Fence is the steering wheel for the Router Table. Without a quality Fence you are out of control.

A router table fence is your control surface and directs the horizontal depth of cut. The router up/down apparatus controls the vertical router bit cut. There are many different designs and features in fences.

What to look for in a quality fence:

  1. Straightness
  2. Square to the table top
  3. Zero-deflection
  4. Support for your work
  5. Repeatability
  6. Quick and easy clamp to the table top
  7. Easy adjustment to the router bit
  8. Dust collection
There are three common elements that make up most router tables - the stand, top, and fence. The stand is your support for the top, fence and router motor.

The table top and fence are critical to excellent results with a router table. You can complicate these, but why?

How Do Most Fences Match Up with a Quality Fence?

I have used several fences over the years. Most do not past muster on several of the points enumerated above. In fact, the last fence I had and most expensive, did not meet points 1, 2, 4, & 8. To spend nearly $250 on a fence that does NOT match quality is foolish.

So why not make your own quality fence for less than $50? That is what I did.

Let's take a look at a simple router table fence that meets all of the requirements for a quality fence.

Table Fence

You need a flat carrier that easily mates with a sturdy fence. A simple tongue and groove makes this happen. You have a straight fence. Since the carrier is flat, the fence is square to the table top. And the fence face is automatically aligned the entire length.
Plus there is full support for your work, even on edge - point #4

With 7/8" thick hardwood, you have zero-deflection. Along with two aluminum angles in the back that keep it square and sturdy. This is as good as it gets!

On each side of the table top, the side clamps & sliding scale provide answers to points 5, 6, & 7.

Table Fence

The dust port in the back controls dust collection - item #8.

What more can you ask?

Bottom line

Now you have a quality router table fence that you build with your own hands! You have a better than commercial fence for under $50. This solves your budget constraints and gives you excellent results with your router table.
Is this what you want?

I made a video (32 minutes) of each and every step to build this fence. This DVD gives you everything you need to make a quality router table fence. Plus I will include Bill of Materials and best place to buy the parts.

You can get this in your hands for only $9.95 (33½% Discount) + shipping by First Class Mail within mainland USA.
Additional S&H applies outside of mainland USA. Please contact me for your country's cost.
PayPal is free for you. Please click the button below.

Unsolicited Testimonials

RT Fence DVD

Good Morning, Jim.
We received the DVD in good shape. My husband has watched it several (need I say about 50?) times and is well pleased with it. Each time he watches it, I hear "I didn't know that!"

Thanks a million.
Marie C.

Jim was my mentor on this great fence.
The Straight and High workpiece support makes this fence the best all around Router Fence out there.

Not only does this fence provide great support, you can add additional sub fences or T-Tracks as well.

You can see in the pictures the great design in the front and back. The infinite adjustments are easy to use. It is easy to build for any woodworker.

Mike E.

Click to See Pictures

Thanks James,
I got the RT Fence DVD today and watched it. It looks good and even I can understand it!

So far I have your tenon jig plan, mortise jig plan, router table plan, router fence, router lift, and out feed table plans.
They all have one common thread running through them - reliable cost effect solutions to the wood shop needs.
They work. They are inexpensive to build and with your straight forward instructions (plans) easy to build

Thanks James,
Mike. Chaney - Rogers, AR

Hi Jim,
I received the RT Fence DVD video this past Monday which was very quick. I have watched it. I like the ideas you have and will build my fence in a week.

Thanks for the quick shipment and great ideas on building a router table fence!
Tom S. - Lake Wales, FL

Hi Jim,
Got the DVD - it's good. It looks nice and easy.

Dan Mize

Hi Jim,
Your RT Fence DVD is very straight forward and easy to follow. I have watched it several times.
Very good, well made and easy to understand!

It will be easy to build the fence. Thanks for the extra tips too.
What gives me more confidence is your quick response to any questions I have asked!

Mike Langel - Salem, WI

Hey Jim,
I received the DVD and watched it!
It was well done!
I will let you know if I have any questions.

Thanks for your professional business practices!
Rod Brink - Richardson, TX

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