Router Safety
Ideas to Make Your Work Area Safe

I offer you Router Safety tips & techniques from my experiences over the years. I trust it helps you in using your woodworking router.

If you follow these guidelines, your use of the woodworking router is more enjoyable.

Router Safety Guidelines:

  1. At all times unplug your router when changing bits.
  2. Always put on ear and eye protection.
  3. Read and follow your Router manufacturer's safety and use instructions.
  4. Do not use bits that are dull or damaged. Always use sharp, high quality router bits.
  5. Your brain is the most influential tool in your workshop. Think your cuts and movements before you cut. This helps you avoid injury, and it eliminates numerous scrap wood.
  6. Unplug your router when changing bits - always.
  7. Insert the shank of your router bit completely into the collet and then pull out approximately 1/16" of the bit. In other words, don't "bottom-out" the bit in the collet or partially insert the router bit into collet.
  8. Securely tighten the router bit in the collect. You should inspect periodically for possible slippage because of wear.
  9. Never start the router with the bit in contact with a piece of wood.
  10. You should never put your work between the fence and the router bit. That is just asking for trouble.
  11. Always feed your work in the proper direction, i.e. against the bit rotation. This is called an anti-climb cut, which is right to left when facing your router table.
  12. When changing router bits unplug your router every time.
  13. Don't force feed the bit or overload your router, Feed at a constant moving speed to avoid burning the wood.
  14. Do not face the router's discharge path when operating. Woodworking Safety
  15. Keep collet clean and replace if worn.
  16. Use a router table & fence when feasible. Properly secure your work piece and use a push shoe and/or feather boards whenever possible.
  17. Keep all your router bits and bearings clean, lubricated, and secure. You should store them in a box or tray to avoid damage.
  18. Constantly unplug your router when changing bits.
  19. Use a lower RPM as the size of the router bit increases.

Router Safety Tip:

Normally, a faster speed gives more cuts per inch, which yields a smoother cut. However, a sharp, quality router bit with the correct feed rate is a must. You try to use an even feed rate that produces a smooth finish. If it is too slow, burn marks will show on your work. If it is too fast, rough cuts may damage your work.

The following router safety chart gives maximum RPM guidelines for the highest safe running speed for a range of diameters of router bits. Always reference the manufacturerÂ’s guidelines:

Bit Diameter Max.Speed (RPM)
1" 24,000
1 1/16 - 2" 18,000
2 1/16 - 2 1/2" 16,000
2 9/16 - 3" 14,500
Over 3" 12,000

I Hope These Router Safety Guidelines Help You in Woodworking with a Router!

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