Router Raizer

By: Ron Betz - Sheridan, MI

Router raizers come in many sizes and shapes. I thought I would take a few moments to discuss my version. I have seen the kind you can order. They did not impress me.

I would get a lot of small parts, take my plunge router all apart, and figure out what goes where. Then I would drill a hole down through one of the handles. Then I would have to reach down and unlock the tightener on the router and move it up or down using a crank from above the table.

Like most woodworkers, I use my router a lot. I put slots in for shelves, rout fancy edges on boards, make nice grooves all the way through boards, and a lot of other things.

I lay down on the floor, with a pencil and paper, thinking I could make a router raizer that would work. It needs to be good and much easier to use.

After I got it made, all I have to do is loosen two thumb screws, and turn the lower handle to raise or lower my router. When I get my router bit where I want it, all I have to do is tighten two thumbscrews to lock it in that position. This router lift really works great.

Woodworking Projects

This router raiser, that I made, has a two HP plunge router installed in it. I fitted the router in a square red oak box.

Router Raizer

I put sliders on both sides with bolts sticking out. Then I built an outside box and routed out grooves for the bolts to slide in.

On the bottom I installed a threaded rod. I took a piece of flat steel, drilled a hole in dead center, brazed a nut over the hole, and drilled four small holes to fasten it.

Router Lift

I put a swivel made of flat steel, under the board that fasten to the router. I loosen the wing nuts, and turn the bottom knob to raise or lower it.
When the router is at the correct height, I tighten the wing nuts to hold it.

Wood Project Plans

If you would like more detailed information, send me an email with "Router Raizer" in the Information Request Block, and send through this website by Contact Jim. I will respond within a few days.


Hope you enjoy this project!

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