A Custom Built Router Lift
For Under $25!

You can spend hundreds of $$$ on a fancy router lift. Alternatively, you can make your own that is more versatile and under $25. Why spend a small fortune on a lift that limits your table-mounted router? This custom router raizer is a pleasure to use. Moreover, you can still use the router out of your Router Table for pattern and jig work!

    What does a Commercial Lift do for you?
  • You can change cutting height without getting on your knees.
  • It lifts the router up, so you can change router bits.
  • Those two things for big $$$.

With most commercially available Lifts, you insert a handle into a hole to change height. That hole collects dust when routing. You cannot easily take the assembly out of the router table for pattern or template work.

They claim that you can make micro-adjustments by .005". When I take measurements with a Starret 6" rule, it is in 1/32". Do you want to convert decimals to inches?

These commercial lifts cost $200 plus. Would it make sense to build your own lift that does not have these drawbacks, and cost less than $25?

If So, This Is Your Answer.

Router Raizer

This allows you to change router bits with ease. You can make micro adjustments with your Porter Cable 7518 in fractions of inches. Moreover, you can remove the entire router plate with router to do pattern/template work.

The plans for this simple router lift are in my Plans Section.

Pattern and template work is easy with the router plate attached to the router. It prevents the router from tipping on the pattern, giving you a very stable platform. Your woodworking skills will improve with this technique. The Router Jigs and Templates section demonstrates the use of this feature.

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