Rocking Horse Plans
Updated 1950's Style

The Rocking Horse Plans introduce a very unique Rocking Horse. I saw a picture of a similar Rocking Horse from the 1950's. I believe it was called the Saf-T-Colt. It is a lot safer than some of the modern versions of a Rocking Horse, and is a lot of fun to ride.

You handcraft this attractive heirloom Rocking Horse with love. You will want to hand down this remarkable rocking horse from generation to generation. This is my rendition of this great style.

Wood Project Plans

With this Rocking Horse plans the base does not move - a nice feature. You attach the legs to the base and the saddle with machine screws and washers. So the legs glide and rock without the base moving. The legs are designed to minimize wood waste and the length is adjustable. As your child grows, you can raise the saddle - a great feature!

I used Select Pine for the prototype. For the actual rocking horse plans, Hickory was the hardwood choice. In addition, I developed the design of the Horse's head, and made a template so that you can make several exactly alike. The eye is a gem from China called a "horse's eye gem". I made a template to mortise the gem on each side of the head.

There is a slot in the back of the horse's head for the mane. This particular mane is a mop, but you can make it out of any thing you like. You can move the mane from side to side.

Notice the hand hold on both sides of the Horse's head. In the lower area, the legs house the stirrups. The saddle is cut smaller in the center for a child's legs to reach the stirrups.
In addition, there is a bracket on the back of the saddle for the horse's tail. You can cover the saddle with soft material for additional comfort.

Take a look at the video for a discussion that includes an actual demonstration:

Building a child's toy is loads of fun. You may spend hours cutting, sanding, assembling and finishing a toy. But you are richly rewarded by the pleasure shown on a child's face when they get your toy. There is nothing to compare with that joy.

For generations, the rocking horse is the most popular of children's toys. Little cowboys and cowgirls like to mount the saddle and ride the family room range - looking for strays and hunting the bad guys.

Any woodworker can build this rocking horse plans with templates for all of the parts. And any child will love rocking and gliding for an exciting adventure.

The Rocking Horse Plans Include
  1. One (1) Hour & 29-minute DVD of each and every step, including bonus section on leg styles
  2. Bill of Materials, parts list and commentary on building the rocking horse
  3. Two (2) Horse's Eye gems while supplies last - only a few left!
  4. Patterns for the horse's head and eye
  5. Pattern for saddle mortises and contour
  6. Pattern for leg contours
  7. Some double-sided sticky tape for template work
  8. Flexible clamps (2) for Gluing Head to Saddle

Special Discount Pricing - Just for You!

I want you to enjoy this Outstanding Rocking Horse!
The normal price for the entire package is $39.95. The Special Economic Condition's price is only $17.50 - a BIG 56% discount!, plus shipping by First Class Mail within mainland USA.
Additional S&H applies outside of mainland USA. Please contact me for your country's cost.

You can get your family heirloom plans by clicking on the button below.

Unsolicited Testimonials

Hi Jim,
I received your Rocking Horse Plans and DVD today. All I can say is that the plans and DVD are absolutely amazing and so professionally done.

Your Rocking Horse is such an ingenious design. I have collected quite a few rocking plans over the years, but have never had the urge to make any of them. They are so similar with the same old "carpet-destroying" rockers.
When I saw the picture of your design I knew that I had found something so different, and I had to give it a try.

Thank you!
Warren S.

My children, who are 2 and 7, absolutely love their new wooden rocking horse!! It really looks like a real horse. It is so much more polished looking than any plastic bouncy horse (puts those to shame, really!).

In fact, the stain we used matches our kitchen wood floor and cabinets perfectly. So this special toy doesn't have to be put away when company comes!
The children play on it continuously, and l love it because there are no springs to catch on their skin!
The marble looking eyes truly add a softening glow to the horse to make it look even more realistic.

Amazingly enough, my 2 year old asked me to get on the horse with her tonight and boy, even Mommy can ride it! This great toy is worth the extra time in creating this type of horse.

It will definitely be a beautiful family heirloom!
Kathryn R. - Missouri

Just a note to say that the Assembly Instructions on the DVD are excellent. I managed to put it together last night. We recorded my girls this morning, and they love it!

Chris M.

Rocking Horse Plans Article

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