Porch Glider Plan
A Wonderful Outdoor Furniture Plan!

A Porch Glider Plan Offering an Incredibly Smooth Glide!

This porch glider plan includes everything you need so you can make one of these no matter what your skill level! Notice the higher backrest, a luxury you won't find in most plans, but one you want for support when relaxing.
You will be the envy of your neighborhood!

To watch the Porch Glider in action, please click the video below:

The most difficult templates consist of the back legs (legs and back angle all in one), the front legs, the arms, the seat supports, and the top of the backrest. I include these woodworking patterns and walk you through step by careful step. Everything else is straightforward, and the instructions are clear and easy to understand.

Porch Glider Plans

Porch Glider Plans

Outdoor Furniture Plan

My Porch Glider plan uses mortise and tenon joints for the main structure. I find the Mortise Jig and the Tenon Jig work great for this.

Outdoor Furniture Plan

The Tenon Jig needs a slight modification for the arm tenon to fit into the back leg mortise. Don't worry, this sounds a lot more complicated than it is. I show you how to get it exact in the plans, and you can use this modification to build the sling parts too.

If you want my design, then Order the Special Outdoor Furniture Plan for only $12.99, a 32½% Discount by clicking the button below.
I ship the plans and patterns by First Class Mail within mainland USA. Additional S&H applies outside of mainland USA. Please contact me for your country's cost.
I use PayPal for all processing, so your information is secure. In addition, PayPal is free for you!

Outdoor Furniture Plan

I ordered my original hardware and basic plan from Rockler and modified it to get the results I wanted.
They have the pivot hinges I used to give years of incredible, rust free glide. You need four pair of the pivot hinges for smooth gliding!
You can order 4-pair of pivot hinges at this link: Pivot Hinges

Pivot Hinges

Pivot Hinges

This innovative hinge combines the pivoting feature of a roto hinge with the strength of a hex head bolt. Plus, an industrial coating provides rust resistance that approaches stainless steel.

Unsolicited Testimonials

Hello Jim,
I purchased your Porch Glider plans which I’m just now finishing constructing.
These are very good projects and were worth my time to make the Mortise & Tenon Jigs and the Porch Glider.

The Glider bench is made from redwood decking lumber which is readily available in my area. It was finished with three coats of MinWax Helmsman Spar Urethane.

Thanks again.
Terry Wharf - Mead, WA

Pictures of Porch Glider, Amy enjoying it, and the Jigs used to build the Glider Click to See Pictures

The plans are wonderful, much or more than I expected!
I will keep you in mind as I need more plans in the coming months.

Thank you,
Wayne C. - Lost Nation, IA

Hello Jim,
Yes, I received plans. I am Very Happy with What I Received!

Steve C. - Coconut Creek, FL

Hi Jim,
The Porch Glider Plans I received today were in excellent condition. The Porch Glider Patterns were very easy to understand. The Instructions are excellent!

I will definitely order more plans when I am ready to start another project.
I would highly recommend your plans to everyone.

Great Job,
Henry Steffen - Middleburg, PA

Hello Jim,
Yes, I received the plans.
I am perfectly happy with your Porch Glider Plans!
Thanks for your help.

All the Best,
John Hutson - Washington, DC

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