Jointing on a Router Table
How to Use

Jointing on a router table is worth your effort.
When beginning a woodworking project, your stock must have square faces and edges for quality joinery. You can use your router table to joint the edges of wood. It is simple and fast. The results are excellent.

    There are several real advantages to jointing on a router table:
  • It's accessible to anyone
  • Ease of setup
  • Uses economical carbide straight bits
  • Carbide bits joint the edges of hardwood, MDF, Plywood, most plastics, and aluminum
  • High speed steel (HSS) jointer knives are limited to cutting wood

Router Jigs

Clamp a piece of Formica to the outfeed side of the fence. A precision ground straight edge (Starret) lines up the router bit and the outfeed fence. The infeed side of the fence is offset by the thickness of the Formica. To protect your fingers, project no more than 1/16" of the router bit above your work.

Router Jigs

After a couple of passes, the edge is straight. Can it get any simpler?

Jointing on a Router table is easier with a split fence. As you can see in the picture, you can do it with a "solid" fence as well.

The outfeed side of the fence is tangent with the router bit's sweep. Place the router bit so that one cutting edge is at its maximum sweep. Place the straight edge on the Formica and align with the edge of the router bit. Once the alignment is correct, tighten the fence. The infeed side of the fence is offset by the desired jointing thickness. In this case, the offset is the Formica thickness or approx 1/32".

For best results, you need a quality fence. Both sides of the Fence need to be straight, parallel, and square to the tabletop. It is best to use a carbide straight router bit. A larger cutter diameter minimizes deflection. I like using a Whiteside 3/4" x 2" cut router bit. It produces the best finish.

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