Baby Crib Templates
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Baby Crib Templates include a short movie using an actual template in the Baby Crib Spindles Section.

Baby Crib Templates

A baby crib is much easier to make when you have templates. In the picture, you can see that the crib Top Rail has curves in it. The crib spindles fit only if the Bottom Rail matches the Top Rail. Why not have templates to make those curves?
With patience, you can make both in one pass.

Baby Crib Templates

This baby crib is transitional. It can change to a Youth Bed then to a Full Bed. You can convert it back to a baby crib when needed.

Once you have these baby crib templates made, everything flows together. The process to make the Youth Bed rail is the same as making the Headboard pieces. It is the same template with a slightly different use.

  • Make a sample from 1/4" plywood.

  • When satisfied, transfer to 1/4" tempered hardboard. It lasts longer. A Router Pattern Bit makes this a snap.

    Baby Crib Templates

  • Set the template and graph paper on the piece of wood. Trace the pattern with a pencil.

  • You can use a Bandsaw or jig saw to cut out the curve. Stay about 1/16" away from the pencil line. This saves wear & tear on the router bit!

  • Support your workpiece from below. You don't want to cut into your workbench. Clamp the template and the workpiece to your bench. Both the template and workpiece are secure!

    Baby Crib Templates

  • Use a Bearing on the shank of the router bit. Make sure the bearing hits the template. Rout your workpiece.

  • You need a wide base on the router for stability. Why not use your Router Table Insert Plate?

    Baby Crib Templates

  • Once setup, you can rout in less than a minute. With the correct router bit, you can put a nice design in the Youth Bed Rail!

    Baby Crib Templates

Baby Crib Template for Spindles

If you are not a wood-turner, you can still make attractive spindles for your Baby Crib. It is worthwhile to use a jig to make these "spindles".
The picture shows the baby crib templates to make both sides of the spindles.

Baby Crib Spindles

To see this jig in action, click on the movie tab. It takes less than 15 seconds to rout one side of the spindle.
With this jig, your spindles are very attractive. And, you made them!

This short clip was taken with a digital camera, when testing the jig on the first baby crib.

Customer's Testimonials

One fellow woodworker took this spindle jig & templates, and some modification pages and built a beautiful 3-in-1 Transitional Baby Crib.

Baby Crib Spindles

His daughter is delighted with the crib, especially since it was hand-made by her father. View her delight and read how he did it at Making a Crib by the woodworker himself!

Another woodworker took this jig and made some nice looking spindles. See for yourself:

Baby Crib Spindles

Read the full story on Making Crib Spindles direct from the woodworker!

You need extra precaution when routing oak on edge.
The Crib Spindle Tips page explains this in detail.

You can order the complete Plans for the 3-in-1 Baby Crib, including a pattern for the Spindle Jig Here.
All of the details are on that page, including my modifications to make a solid baby crib and spindles.

You will have fun making this Transitional Baby Crib for your children and/or friends!

I have a brief report on my experiences: "How to Make a Baby Crib."
A Gift for you - It's Free.
If you want one, Just let me know!

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Unsolicited Testimonials

Hi Jim,
I received the 3-in-1 Baby Crib templates, plans & Spindle Jig Pattern.
Wow - the Plans Look Great and Easy to Follow!

Thanks again for your help.
Dennis Bracci - Orchard Park

Update: Mon, Jul 26th

Hey Jim,
Got done making 54 spindles. Your jig worked great!!
I took your advice and used Whiteside bits. Cut oak like butter and no tear out.

Thanks again for your help!
Dennis Bracci - Orchard Park

Your Baby Crib Plans provide detailed and thought-out instructions, as well as other tips and suggestions.
It is clear that much thought and experience has gone into these plans with the utmost regard for the child's safety.

Thank you Jim!
Mark Petersen - La Mesa

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