Baby Crib Spindles & Tips
Is a Template Worthwhile?

Attractive baby crib spindles for your Crib are not just for wood-turners. You can make them using worthwhile templates. The baby crib spindle jig makes great "spindles". You need to build 52 good spindles, which may take 54-56, in case you make a mistake.

You can use maple, oak, or any solid hardwood to make the Baby Crib and spindles. You need extra precaution when routing oak on edge. The pictures show the template and jig to make both sides of the spindles. This Jig is my own design and is not available anywhere on the internet.

Baby Crib Spindles Jig

You can order the Plans for the 3-in-1 Baby Crib Here.

All of the details are on that page, including plans and patterns to construct a solid baby crib and spindles.

A Few Tips for the Baby Crib Spindles:

  1. Use 5/4 hardwood. Plane smooth and square. Final dimension is 2" wide x 27" long.

  2. Use a bandsaw to resaw 5/4 hardwood. This should net slightly greater than 1/2" thick by 27" long. You get two boards this way. It save you a lot of money compared to buying 3/4" thick hardwood and planning to 1/2". See the Bandsaw Tips page for Resawing Ideas. (Opens in new window.)

  3. Plane to 1/2" thick.

  4. Setup the 2" x 27" piece of wood on the jig. Trace the pattern design onto the wood. Bandsaw about 1/16" outside the line, mainly on the two curves.

  5. Use a sharp quality router bit. A straight bit with a bearing on the shank works great. I recommend a 3/4" diameter straight bit and around 1 1/4" long. This prevents any deflection.
    See the Best Router Bits section, if you need a sharp router bit. (Opens in new window.)

  6. The main concern is on the front edge of each side, as circled in the picture.

    Baby Crib Spindles Jig

  7. You may experience tear out on the front edge of each side. Therefore, go lightly on the front edge. Just after the front curve, you are able to match the template including the back curve. I include additional tips in the package I will send you.

This is the reason you need these Additional tips.

Mistake – don't do it

If you would like to see what could happen without the climb cut, see the picture below. This occurred on the first crib I made. You don't need this to happen to you.

Baby Crib Spindles Jig

Soon you will be done with the baby crib spindles. Here is a picture of what the crib spindles look like after using the template. They are ready for a roundover router bit.

Baby Crib Spindles Jig

You gain a lot of satisfaction making these Baby Crib Spindles!

Unsolicited Testimonials

Hey Jim, this is Al
I finished the crib. Thanks for your help. My Daughter really likes it!
Thought I would update you on the ole spindle saga. I made a fence for my router table and mounted the tenon jig you sent and they came out great.

Attached are photos of the finished product.

Thanks for all your support,
Allen Clark - Kodiak, Alaska

The Baby Crib Spindle Jig was a big success and worked like a charm.
Here is a picture of the Baby Crib Spindles.

I have cut the tenons using your simple, but effective plans in your Baby Crib Plans.

Mike Miller - Chillicothe, OH

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